Wednesday, December 2, 2009

31 Weeks with the Ladies

Last Thursday, I started my 31st week with the munchkins. We've been through a lot together. Well, I'VE been through a lot...they've been chillin this whole time. Enjoy it while you can, girls...not much longer and you're gonna have to find a job, cook your own food, and you can't be naked anymore. (I'll teach you about Adam and Eve later.)

We had a doctor's appointment Monday afternoon. And another ultrasound. This one was a growth measurement. They measured their heads, femurs, bellies (oh so round and cute), and calculated their weight. Well, basically, we're having two GINORMOUS BABIES. At 31 weeks, they said that a single baby should weigh about 3.5 pounds. Mom and I were guessing about 4 pounds for the girls because they measured larger last time. Well, we were close. One weighs 4 pounds and 2 oz. and the other weighs 5 pounds (FIVE POUNDS) and 1 oz. I was shocked! And of course, my first question/concern was, "Is it okay/normal that they weigh almost a pound apart?" The ultrasound tech, nurse and doctor all three told me that was perfectly normal and incredibly common in twins, even identical ones, to weigh completely different weights and that they would catch up with each other a few days/weeks after they were born. They said that as long as one wasn't half or less the body weight of the other, it was totally fine. So, relief. They're measuring about 3 weeks ahead of what one baby would measure at this stage. I thought, gosh, they're just super chub, but the tech said that since their noggins were measuring proportionally to their weight, that it just meant they were big babies. Fine with me. (I'm thinking I probably shouldn't have bought that preemie set of onesies now.)

Also, they've both rotated head down. Which is crazy...when did they do that? When do they have time? Their little heads are together...which means all four feet are up at the top...once again reinforcing the galloping horse kick routine they just loooove.

I didn't meet with Dr. Mac this time. I met with...we'll call him Dr. From Way Up North. Because he was from waaaaay up north...I'm guessing New England. He was super sweet. Kind of reminded me of a Who from Whoville, the way he was so friendly and bubbly. He measured me and was like, "Whoa...measuring big." I thanked him for his astute observation. I technically still have 9 weeks to go. But, in my mind is still the very end of December/early January. On the way out, Dr. North says, "Alrighty...looks like we'll be having some Christmas babies." I just sat there on the table and thought..."Nope...not gonna happen. That does not fit with my schedule. I need to talk to the girls."

I got great reports all around. I was pleased as could be because, despite Thanksgiving, my weight gain is right on track. 45 pounds total. I'd say about 40 pounds of that is in my nose and lips. My next appointment is on December 17. That's the appointment where Dr. Mac will make the decision to either schedule a C-section (I get to pick a date!) or let them come naturally. Either way, I'm getting drugs.

They also told us to go ahead and pack our bags to have ready. Kind of scary. Everything is ready...but...gosh...anyways. The ultrasound was pretty much just a jumble of black and white, they're so cramped in there, so here are some pictures.

This is of their sweet little heads together. See, I mean...can't really see anything. But look how cute and round.
Look at that chubby little hand. She's got her pointer finger up...I'm guessing she's saying, "Mom, you're totally #1!" I know, sweet one...I know.

Here is us at 31 weeks...I'm running out of room.

And here are some pictures Noah took for us. Thanks, Boog!


  1. I have been reading your blog for a few months. Never posted a comment. Just wanted to let you know that I have twins B-G . Actual due date Jan. 30 scheduled C- Section Jan. 10 Born....Christmas Day. Not in my plans either. Just thought I would post and tell you best of luck for the next few weeks and I totally know how you feel :)

  2. ha, i'm totally thinking that Dr. North is my doctor.. Dr. R?? Funny thing is i'm at Details right now and the Faith Hill song from The Grinch is playing.. haha

  3. Now I'm jealous of your pictures! They are gorgeous! Good luck hanging in there.

  4. Oh I know all about huge babies. But not TWO AT THE SAME TIME! Yikaronie! hahaha. Your stomach just LOOKS HEAVY.

  5. Love the pictures.
    I still can't believe you're having twins! Oh my goodness! Seriously I just remember the belly weight of one kid and I can't even imagine the discomfort of two. I just hope that whenever it does happen you get right on here and post pictures and tell us all about it :o) Like you won't be busy or anything.....


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