Thursday, December 17, 2009

Le Babies Room

And here is the girls' room. They should be very excited about it...they have no choice, really. They'll be stuck in there for a loooooong time (given the time it took us to get it painted...15-foot ceilings is not fun...what am I complaining for? I didn't have to paint it. Thanks again, Sara, Jeremy, Noah and Davey.)

Is it sad that I just got a little bit chilly and I turned down the volume on my computer to lessen the breeze? Wow.


Here is what the room used to look like...our office/exercise room/random sitting area/recording room/whatever room.

And here is the room in transition. I found a picture in a magazine that had this plantation-ish beaded board and I fell in love with it. Well, your local home improvement store sells it for $1 million per square foot, so I figured...shoot, let's do a faux beaded board. We painted the wall white and got a whole bunch of 1 x 2" wood...sticks of wood...long pieces of it..."one by twos"...whatever you call it and cut them and painted them white and nailed them into the wall. Ta daaaaaa - $150 plantation beaded board. They did such a great job. I DID sand and paint the wood, though, and I ordered everybody I DID help.

Jeremy and David did such a good job of sawing...a month before David got his power saw. Oh well. It was good for them.

Sara and her face helped us get through the day.

Noah and his hair o' wonder assisted David.

David, you looking for a stud? Silly, there's one holding onto the stud finder!

And here it is...finally finished. (The green is showing up different in every's basically an avocado green.)
This bookshelf is filled mostly with sentimental stuff. I plan on expanding their library, but we've been reading them sci-fi books for now.
Here are those pictures I showed y'all last week. Along with two empty frames I at an antique store and one at the beach made out of recycled metals.
That's my naked little self when I was born.
The piggy banks and Ireland bears my grandparents gave the girls. The little flip thing is a Bible verse-a-day calendar that I've had since I was a little girl. The Uncle Sam saying "howdy" in the back was David's piggy bank when he was a little boy. It reminds me of the Voltar machine in Big.
My mom gave me this antique fan and I love it! Totally works. But, as Sara found out (even though I said, "Don't put your fingers in the blades", it really really really hurts if you put your fingers in the blades. Doesn't it, Sara?
This was David's dad teething ring when he was a little boy...passed on to David.
David's dad first cup...passed on to little Davey. So sweet.
David's first pair of shoes...look how tiny!
My grandmother (on my mom's side) can literally be in a desert and find a four-leaf clover. No lie. She ALWAYS finds them. And she's given me these over the years...and I pressed them and dried them out and I thought the girls would like to have them one day. And that precious Two Peas in a Pod frame is from sweet Brandi.
A few of their books...Skippy jon Jones was given to us by Billy and Beth several years ago...because it's about a Siamese cat, like Blue. And the book behind that "Two is for Twins" is from Eric and Tris...the book I kept calling "Two is for Things" and never quite understood why. The wicker box is filled with games from when I was a Tiddlywinks.
This is the only stuff on their level. I think I'm going to move the "F". All soft and sweet play things in the big basket and blocks (from my childhood) in the small one.
We wanted to decorate with, I found whatever I could.
The changing table. An antique table I found for $150 at the antique mall and talked them down to $50...what what! And the shelves underneath that David built for me. Tris and I had a conversation about this earlier this week...I don't have to strap them down on the changing pad, right? I mean, it's not like it's Test Track at Disney World. I mean, it's big enough to change an adult on there.
I know it won't always be this neat...but I can enjoy it for now.
Some more letters.
Some of our pictures from Charleston and Bermuda...where it allllll started. All frames from yard sales and on sale at stores...painted. And the DTR...for David and Ruth Tannenhumbisherobertsonisham...good luck that, creepos.
This is a chaise lounge/couch thing we got at World Market (does anybody else call it Whole Foods sometimes? No? Just me? You're all liars) a few years ago and it was in the room before and I didn't want to get rid of it, so we managed to make it work. And it provides a sleeping place for the first few weeks of no sleeping and up all nighting with the babies.
My sweet friend Audry made the girls the green and orange square blankets on the sides. The white and yellow blanket was David's when he was a baby.
My wall of random stuff.
This tin jar belonged to my used to contain talcum powder (I think). The silver piggy bank was mine when I was little.
My grandmother made me this doll when I was a baby. She used to smile, but the stitching came, she's always just kind of indifferent.
Little figurines I've collected over the years. My sister gave me the glass horse when I turned 13. Malinda brought me the little black dog back from Italy.
The girls' first fingernail polish...oooh, I need to pack that in my hospital bag. We're going to paint Piper Lee's toenails orange and Harper's green at the hospital, so we'll know who is who.
Yay for diapers!!
Some more letters...and because I adore the movie "Up." That really wasn't the reason...I just ordered a bunch and I got a "U" and "P".
The girls' hair salon...created by the very talented Jenny.
I adore their crib. We're putting them together for the first few months...they said we could probably make it about 6-8 months before needing another crib.
For their pear hats that Senia made them...already packed in my bag to bring them home in.
Miz Di gave me this several years ago...I thought it was perfect in their room.
My diaper bag. David refuses to carry it (I wouldn't have made him), but thankfully, Tris and Eric gave us a more manly diaper bag for him to use. It's gray...with skulls and guns and dirt and stuff.
Our fabulous (faux) sheep skin rug....thanks again, Mom!! very soft.
They already have more clothes than I do.
Look at the tiny shoes!!!
And the rest of the diapers in the garage.


  1. This is simply adorable!!! I love all the sentiment in the room. The entire thing just looks fantastic, Ruthie!

  2. looks great. Its neat to see two of everything! Love the pink bunny slippers!

  3. Holy Diapers....and you're gonna use them!

    To this day I have never strapped my kid on the changing table! I must love livin ont he edge, but I have never had any problems. Once my kid got big enough to start exerting her will we chatted about how we act on the changing table WAY UP high off the ground....many times and she eventually got it.

    I love the color you guys chose for the room. And I love the chaise lounge for sleeping-cause it's totally going to happen!

  4. 1) I LOVE your nursery! It is so sophisticated with not a Disney character in sight--I love it!

    2) I think it's funny you have PU by the changing table.

    3) I sometimes call World Market Whole Foods too. I admit it.

  5. Once, I actually submitted an expense report at work and marked a Whole Foods receipt as World Market. I mean, seriously, what is that all about?!

    Oh and um, your nursery is unbelievable. So awesome, and so full of personality. I adore it!

  6. Where is the faux sheepskin rug from? It looks so great in the room!


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