Monday, December 28, 2009


That's a funny word, isn't it...triplets. Anyways.

So, how was everyone's Christmas? Ours was fabulous! On Christmas Eve, David got off a half day and we spent the afternoon just chilling and watching the Muppet's Christmas Carol. I love that movie. (And have had all of the songs stuck in my head since.) During the movie, I hear a fire truck pretty close by and turn to David and say, "Gosh, I hope everybody's house is okay." The fire truck starts getting louder...and louder. I walk out the front door to see if I can see it. Sure's turning right down our street...headed directly to our house...lights flashing, siren wailing, horn blaring. I look around to see if I see smoke. Not our neighbors. I think, "Is OUR house on fire?" Then I see none other than SANTA CLAUS!! He's on the ladder...waving! So, I run back inside and tell David "It's Santa!" He, of course, thinks I've gone crazy(er) and is like..."Uh...okay." And I grab him and we go outside. Santa and his truck do a nice three-point turn in our cul-de-sac, wave to us, and head on their way...visiting the rest of the neighborhood. Seumas was ecstatic, because, as we all know, dogs love Santa. (Please excuse the mess in the house and the multitude of blankets laying's "so cold" in the house that everybody but me just HAS to have a blanket...I think it feels fantastic. Oh, and, we don't have kids yes, we talk to our pets like children.)

Later that night, Sara and Jeremy came over and we had breakfast for favorite...and watched Four Christmases. The three of them played Red Steel...which was quite amusing.

Christmas Day, David and I slept late. And we made a breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls (tradition). Soooo good. Then, we opened our presents to each other! Yay! David did a fantastic job! He always knows exactly what I'll love. My favorite gift was this fancy pants make-up package he got me along with a makeover and spa day for after the girls are born. Ahhhh...cannot WAIT for that. To feel like a girl again...instead of a circus freak. And I think I did a pretty good job for him. He seemed happy. :) Later that afternoon, we went, along with the rest of the town, to see Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy and Sara. That was a GREAT movie...highly recommended. Since we're all about tradition, we ate supper at a Chinese restaurant and sang fa ra ra ra ra.

Saturday morning, we got up early and started preparations for Christmas lunch with my family. They drove up to spend Christmas weekend with us. We had a wonderful lunch, if I do say so myself, and then opened up gifts! We headed to see The Blind Side...another fabulous movie, had supper and sadly, the family headed to their hotel and left Sunday morning. But, we'll get to see them again soon enough!

Sunday, we undecorated the house and put everything back up in the attic. That's always sad. I hate doing that. But, my house is clean and the mantel and fireplace are normal again. Hoorah! Since we had already seen two movies that weekend, we decided to see one more, just for good measure and went and saw Avatar with Zack. That was a great movie, too. The music was incredible. And, of course, the animation was superb. And how pretty is Sam Worthington. Yessir. The girls thought so, too, because they kicked the ENTIRE TIME. It was either that or the gummy bears Zack brought for us. We met up with Malinda for supper and then headed on home.

Whew...busy, but awesome Christmas holiday. It was definitely different this year. First time since I was born that I haven't been home for Christmas. But I know we'll be there next two.

No Christmas babies. I'm fine with that. I didn't have time to have babies this year. Didn't fit with my schedule. I have an appointment on Thursday...New Year's, we'll see what they say then. I still can't decide about the natural vs. c-section dealio. I change my mind about 73 times a day. No lie. I ask Dr. Mac every single time to just tell me what to do. And he always pulls the whole, "Well, I can't tell you what to do. That's a decision you have to make for yourself." And I'm like, "COME ON! Be a man! Just tell me!" It takes me 30 minutes to decide between two washes of blue jeans. And this is a tad bit bigger of a decision. I don't know. I think I might flip a coin. I'm kind of hoping that when I go in, it'll be something like, "Ruth, all of our medical instruments are in the dishwasher. You're going to have to do it naturally!" Decision made. OR, they'll be like, "Ruth, none of the doctors on call have ever delivered a baby naturally, we'll have to do a c-section." Decision made. No, wait...neither of those sound fun. Ah, nevermind. Just kidding, God. Just a joke...please...don't let either of those happen.

To be honest, I'm to the point that I'd be okay with a toddler delivering the girls. I don't care who does it or how it happens, just get them out.


  1. That was so not cool. I really thought you guys had triplets for Christmas! Glad you had a great Christmas without having triplets! :)

  2. Hi you don't know me, but I found your blog through another. I had a c-section with my son and it wasn't too bad. However, it is surgery and it takes a lot out of you. That being said having him naturally was way too risky, so it was the only way to go. If you choose a c-section you will be sore, uncomfortable, and will not be able to drive for a while. But it's not horrible or as miserable as some people make it out to be.

  3. You crack me up! Yes, I remember the feeling of who cares how he's born, just GET.HIM.OUT! Haha! Either way you will have two beautiful baby girls to love on and for me to spoil rotten :)
    Try not to stress about it...I know easier said than done. I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas even though it was will be different from now on ;) but so worth it!
    I can't wait to meet those sweet girlies! Love you 4!


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