Friday, December 4, 2009

Soooooooooooo. Over. It.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday...I realized something. It was pretty profound. I am completely and irrevocably soooo over being babied. Yay, it's been fun. I had a great time with the nausea and toilet hugging, an even better time with the pracne (still having a great time with that), the shopping didn't stress me out at ALL (I mean, there were only 73,000 types of diapers to choose from), the not being able to find shirts that fit is a blast, and the miserableness that creeps around about 8:30 every night is lovely. However, I really do love knowing they're warm and safe in there, mooching off all of my nutritional intake. And I love to feel them move. I thought I would find that really weird, but it's fascinating and soooo amazing. Once again, I don't see how anybody couldn't accept that that's a life, but that's another blog post...don't even get me started. I'm in a mood today. In the mornings, they kick and poke out super hard. By the afternoon/evenings, they've settled into more of a roll, flip-flopping routine. It's pretty cool. But, despite all of the good stuff, I'm ready for them to be here. So ready.

And yes, yes, I know..."once they get here with all the crying and pooping, you'll wish you were pregnant again." this point, right here...right I'll take crying and pooping.

I want to look like myself again.
I want my nose and lips back.
I want my regular skin back.
I want to be able to bend over to pick up stuff.
I want to put my shoes on by myself.
I want to walk not like a penguin.
I want to wear my clothes.
I want to talk not like a man.
I want to walk briskly through the mall.
I want a deli sandwich.
I want raw cookie dough.
I want to be able to get off the couch without help.

I want to hold my girls.
I want to kiss and hug them.
I want to dress them in crazy little outfits.
I want to touch their fingers and toes.
I want to see what they look like.
I want to see them smile.

I'm pretty demanding, aren't I?

I've learned a lot these past few months...
People will always give you advice. And they always mean well and it's sweet. You just kind of have to take it all in. I just didn't realized that complete strangers will give you "advice" as well. For church a few Sundays ago...a lady comes up to me, tailed by two extremely hyper, but cute, little boys, and says..."You pregnant, too?" I wanted to say, "No, I'm stealing a watermelon, but congratulations." But, because we were in church, I said, "Yes, ma'am...twin girls." She was apparently just a few weeks pregnant with their third, surprise child. She tells me, "My advice to you...get your tubes tied after those two come." Then she just walked away...hyper boys in tow. I kind of just stood there like...yeah...that...was weird. David walked back up to me and said, "Who was that?" I said, "I dunno...but we had a great conversation about my tubes."

I've also learned not to read a lot of stuff. There are a multitude of books out there about being pregnant. 99% of them have "this is everything that could go wrong with your pregnancy" chapters. I really think it's unnecessary to read them. I'm all about being prepared, but if my doctor says everything is cool, I'm going to go with what he says. There's a difference between being informed and knowing too much. But that's my opinion. I've only really read a few things. I did get some "what to do with twins" types of books and those have been quite insightful, but they're more focused on what to do with them AFTER they arrive.

I've learned that there are a lot of opinions in the brain-development-whilst-in-the-womb-area. Just in case they really can learn a second language before they're even born (Baby Mama), I've been watching reruns of Star Trek in hopes they'll learn Klingon (fingers crossed!).

Obviously, I'm not opinionated at all (ha)...but I personally think that if you love them, spend time with them, read to them, interact with them, teach them, feed them good food, and be the best parent to them...they're gonna be just fine.

Wow, look at me...I'm super sassy today. It's Friday...ah well.

Sweet Nicole sent me a comment the other day (thanks, girl!!)...she had twins, too! Boy and girl. She was due on January 30 (my due date is January 28) and she had a scheduled C-section on January 10. Her kiddos arrived on Christmas Day!! I told Mom and now she's convinced they're coming on Christmas. Pretty much would be the best Christmas gift ever. Do hospitals play Christmas music in the rooms? I need to start wrapping presents now that I think about it....

Well, enough of my sassiness today...last Sunday night, we babysat for Tris and Eric. Little Reid was perfect. Absolutely perfect. He was napping when we arrived at their house...when he woke up, he wasn't too happy at first. Hence, the tears. Nothing more pitiful than baby tears. But when I picked him up, he was totally chill. I just wanted y'all to know he wasn't crying because I pinched him or anything. I mean, I did later on, but this wasn't then.

While I was warming up his supper, he and David watched some Baby Einstein...or of those. It was the one that said la marionette.

He was MESMERIZED! Reid liked it, too.

They warned us that Reid liked to throw himself backwards, so we put some pillows behind him. Sho nuff.....

Supper time! Avocados, sweet potatoes and pears....delicious!

Bottle before bedtime...he was very interested in the camera. That's why he has the same stare throughout. He's a very expressive little munchkin. He utilizes his eyebrows to the fullest.


  1. Ruth, you are going to be a fantabulous mom! In fact, whenever we have little ones, I think I will have to put you on speed dial to keep me sane. I think you're the greatest! And have I ever told you how jealous I am of your awesome family? If not, I am.

  2. so my comment is....being pregnant and giving birth is the easy part!! then you get to "raise" them. i know "raising" is for animals and "rearing" is for people. like i said.."raising" them is the hardest part:)

  3. I am SO 100% on the same wave length as you. Regarding parenting and everything you just said. :) Youll be a great Momma.


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