Monday, December 21, 2009

A Collection of Monday Random

So, thank you guys (girls) SO much for your help with my dilemma last week. Y'all are absolutely the best and I really really really appreciate it. Apparently, childbirth is not really like what it's like in the movies.'d think I would have known that...seeing as how most everything else in movies is completely realistic and believable. Oh well. I have come to a decision as to what I'm going to do...that would be Option C. I firmly believe that in the next 2-3 weeks, someone will invent a way to actually teleport the babies out onto one of those rolly bed things...all squeaky and clean. And that's what I would like to do. So, I'm holding onto that.

We took Seumas to get his hair cut on Saturday. Petsmart really does a great job. Santa was there and you could pay $10 to have your dog's picture taken with him. I THOUGHT about it, just because it was hilarious, but $10 is a lot for one laugh. We've been calling him Tiger Dog...he's a black brindle, but when he's shaved, he looks like a reverse tiger. So cute. And he smells like a sugar cookie. I don't know if that's their Christmas scent or what, but it's a new smell for us. He smells good enough to eat. David and I discussed what our pets would taste like. We decided Seumas would taste like a shepherd's pie and Blue would taste like ash, because she has a withered and maleficent soul. No worries...we have no plans for eating them.......yet. Mwaah ha haaaa. jk.

David dropped me off at the shoe store so he could "run an errand." Wouldn't tell me what or where, but I didn't care...I got to go to the shoe store. I walk in all giddy...head straight for the purses. Meh. Disappointing winter selection. I head back to the clearance section...found three pairs of fabulous shoes. Thus begins my Angryfest. First of all, it took me FOREVER to take off my tennis shoes and try on a pair. I couldn't bend over...I couldn't lift up my leg. I was getting so hot and flustered...I had to take off my jacket. And all three pairs were too small...I'm assuming it had to do with my HOBBIT MEAT FEET. So, I put the shoes back and wobbled to their regular section...trying to find something similar. All they had were dumb I left and went to the bookstore to wait for David. I got a vanilla Italian cream soda and I felt much happier. Stupid shoes.

So, I thought that our neighbor had bought out the entire Christmas decoration section with which to fill their front/side/back yard...I was wrong. Brandi and Shane's neighbor wins that award. You were right, Brandi. We drove by and I thought, "Gracious's a MASSACRE! All of those poor deflated inflatables....the slightly creepy figurines...the 9,391 lights...but really, it was the inflatables that made for a sad sad story. I counted about 79 of them. Their poor grass probably hasn't seen the light of day in weeks. I wanted to take a picture of it, but the Griswolds were out and about in their yard and that might have been a little obvious. Now, I'm fine with inflatables...2...maybe 3 tops...set up in some kind of organized fashion, but geez, save some for other people to buy. Christmas is a time of sharing...and not doing that to your yard.

Our new favorite the House TV series. How fabulous is that show? I love medical mysteries...and Hugh Laurie...mrreoww. Now, whenever David complains about being cold in the house (it's not like it's 62...well, okay, it is), I just turn to him and say, "Differential diagnosis, people." Tee hee. I guess it is a little chilly in the house. I'm sorry, people who have visited me during the winter months. It feels wonderful. I can't help it. I DO turn the heat up when people come over, though. I suppose I didn't realize how cold it was until the other night when we were watching a movie with Zack and Malinda and the two of them and David were snuggled under one blanket on the couch and I'm sprawled out, completely comfortable, in the recliner.

Growing up, my mom would do the days of Christmas surprise goodies for us every morning. Before the brothers came along, she did this Santa and Mrs. Claus chimney...and every day, Sara and I would pull out a drawer on the chimney and there'd be a little fun prize in there. Then, when the 'rents ordered the boys, Mom started doing bags. Kind of like an advent calendar type of thing. We loved it! We'd run into the kitchen and grab the bag with the correct number of days left before Christmas. Sometimes there would be toys, sometimes candy, sometimes fun school supplies...all sorts of stuff. As we got older, Mom would put more "grown-up" stuff in socks and bigger candy and movies, etc. She would even make us bags for us to open in college. This year is Noah's last year for bags since he's a Senior. It was a tough year for us, too, Noah. Sara and I had to transition to the "years without the bags." Peter's got a few more years, lucky thing. So, this year I was talking about how much I missed the bags and how much I couldn't wait to do that with the girls when they got old enough. And guess what sweet little Davey did for me this year...he made me my own set of bags to open every morning. I know it's sad, but I literally wake up and the first thing I think of is "BAG!" I run into the dining room, where he has them sitting...waiting for me...I find the right number and rip into it. I literally am a 5-year old. I would have been taking pictures for you, but they usually have candy and I've eaten that within 2 seconds of opening the bag. He's also thrown in some Lisa Frank goodies (which I LOVE). This morning, I got stickers, candy, and a sticky notepad that says "A is for apples, B is for baby, C is for cat"...three things that are awesome. It's just so much fun. Sigh. He's a sweetie.

OH, btw, World Market has all of their Christmas stuff on sale at 50% off. I got some cuuute stuff on Saturday. But don't come to the one here...there is an old lady who will EAT YOU ALIVE if you get in her way. I was looking at ornaments and she was on top of me the whole time. I gave her a few dirty looks, but they didn't seem to affect her. I'm like, "Back off, Old Lady Magoo." She shook her cane at me. I tripped her. I wasn't proud of it, but it had to be done.

Oh, thank you guys for your sweet comments about the nursery. I'm soooo glad you like it! It was a LOAD of fun to do. I'm kind of sad now that it's done. Except not, because it took forever. Thanks, friends!

Christmas is Friday!! Can you believe it?? Just yesterday it was July. Blast this time vortex...always throwing my sense of seasons off.


  1. yes you do have HOBBIT MEAT FEET... it's hilarious!!

  2. I am catching up on your posts and have realized I missed giving you my all important birth story....I don't know where I was, but here I am now! :)

    I have always wanted to give birth naturally because of the disadvantages of the drugs for the baby. Having said that, I only made it to an 8 when my cervix started swelling and I had to get an epidural to minimize the swelling (and I was okay with that change from natural to medicated-I didn't have a choice, so I just accepted it). Additionally, the baby was posterior (so imagine back labor to the upteenth degree) and once my daughter came out (after three and a half hours of pushing), she was partial frontal presentation, which means she was basically coming out forehead first...NOT what you want-and what made the back labor so bad! The baby also did not come out affected by the epidural-she was very alert for the first hour or so and then crashed into sleepy land like they all do.

    My biggest fear going in was getting an episiotomy-I don't know why, just didn't want it. But I got one. And yes it was sucky to recover from that. Now, a little TMI, but...stool softeners! Have them on hand for after especially if you decide on the epidural. Just being honest! :)

    You can't possibly know what is going to happen in that labor and delivery room. And that is definitely not something to be afraid of. It is more a chance to keep an open mind and really let things progress as they will and know that whatever happens the priority is the health and safety of those babies and you. I am sure you think that way already.

    If I remember, I mentioned that I am now expecting again (just one) :). And I figure if I made it the first time to an 8, I will try again to go all the way on this one. Believe you me, I did NOT forget the labor of having the first baby. And the epidural was great....But this is life. And I just keep thinking if all these women I know already had 2, 3, 4, and more babies, then I can do it too. Somehow, we just reach way deep down and we do it. You can too.

    Last thing, recovery isn't that much fun but that is only becuase you are so tired from labor/delivery, let alone trying to figure out your little bundle of joy (bundles, for you!) that you don't get to rest like one needs to in order to fully recover. And so life begins as a mother!

    Just really stay positive and imagine the best delivery possible. God in in control and will handle all the details. Whether you believe it or not, you are a woman and we are made for this.

    Sorry this got so long...I will be sending you lots of prayers and optimism!


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