Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh, the Busy Busy Weekends

So, this weekend was crazy busy. It was my last little hoorah probably for a loooong time. Fine with me because I was wo' out. David came home Thursday night and asked, "Will you go on a date with me tomorrow night?" I said, "Well, golly shucks, I would love to!" So, Friday night, we headed off to one of my faves...Olive Garden. I don't care who you are or where you're can't not like Olive Garden. It was delicious. We hadn't eaten out in awhile...much less by it was really nice. Our waitress was precious. She had a six-month old and she had lots of good advice for me. Then, the manager came over and a little creepily told us that she would be more than happy to take one of the girls for us after they were born. Strangely, I get told that a lot. And I really think some people are serious. For the record, I will be keeping both of mine, but thank you for the offer.

After supper, we had planned on going to see The Blind Side, but decided that since we had a massive list of stuff to get at Wal-Mart and Lowe's, we decided to go ahead and take care of that. It was an ordeal. Not because of our shopping list, but because of the MULTITUDE of teenagers. What were they doing there? Is Wal-Mart the "cool" place to go now? Why were there so many of them? Where were their parents? Could their pants be any tighter? Could they be more obnoxious? Everything was funny to them...everything was oh, so secret and giggle giggle. It was like love bugs in the summer. You about couldn't push your cart without hitting one of them. I finally decided to stop trying to maneuver around them because they weren't paying a lick of attention, so I figured if I ran over one, ah well, they're young...they'll recover quickly.

Saturday afternoon, we headed to the mall to get a few random things. I love the mall at Christmas. So pretty and shiny. I had a $20 Gap coupon, so of course I had to run into babygap to get the girls know how I feel about pink, but this was too cute.

Then, we headed off to do some furniture shopping and picked out two fabulous recliners for the living room to replace our love seat. Which little Noah is adopting after he graduates and heads off to graduate school. Look how cute! And, let me tell you...soooooo comfortable. While David was paying for them, I just stayed in the chair. He had to come back and get me. They don't rock, which is great...I didn't want rocking chairs. But they're easy to clean and stain repellent...perfect for poops and baby up-chuck.

Sunday afternoon, David started installing the garage door opener we picked up at Lowe's Friday night. Yes, we've never had an automatic garage door. When we bought the house almost 5 years ago, it was a new build and the agent said they would install one for us for $1,000. $1,000??? Complete rip-off. So, we politely told her that, no, we can open the door ourselves. I ain't paying $1,000 for a machine to do something I can do myself. That's what John Connor would say. Anyways. My mom brought up the fact that when the girls arrive, it'll be much easier to have an automatic opener and I know, she's right. So, it was time to break down and install one. I just have to brag on my man for a second. He put that whole thing up all by himself. He had to wire the entire garage, bolt the thing up to the ceiling, install the safety sensors, run a track down the ceiling, all of it. sessy handy man. I helped measure stuff. :) While he was doing that, I vacuumed out my car. I love to vacuum out cars. I love to clean, period. Then, I installed the car seats. Yes, I did it correctly. It only took me about 4 hours. We thought there would still be enough room with two car seats in there for a person to sit in the middle...but yeah, there's not. I could probably fit a small chipmunk back there. I just had no idea that car seats took up so much room. What do people with triplets do? I guess one of 'em is out of luck and has to ride in the trunk.

I also packed my hospital bag. That was weird to do. I got some new pajamas at Wal-Mart just for the occasion. Sistah Sara came over and we worked on her tacky Christmas sweater for the party this weekend. It looks fabulously awful. I adore it. Then, I worked on some freelance and we headed to bed "early." Good thing the chairs are arriving today...I can't sleep in the bed anymore. Sad. It was a great weekend. No more outings for me. I can't drive by myself...I'm a complete lump of uselessness...sigh.

So, I'll leave you with a little tidbit of information I gleaned from my day-by-day pregnancy book. I'm reading along last week and every few days they give me this "Childbirth in Other Cultures" little section. It's pretty interesting. I was eating strawberries and cream oatmeal at the time. "By tradition, some new mothers in the Philippines are given a special meal after childbirth of boiled chicken (yum), corn porridge (not too shabby), and a small amount of cooked placenta (delici-wait? What?? AGH!)." I don't want!

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about the stories behind the girls' names.

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