Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tacky Christmas

Once again, Brandi, Shane, Tris and Eric hosted a FABULOUS Christmas party...complete with tacky sweaters. Here are some pictures from the evening...I took just a few of these. The rest I stole from Sara and Tris' facebooks. (Thanks, gals!)

By the way, I know I look amazing. But, the Lord calls us to be humble, so.......

Before we left, David and Jeremy decided to squeeze in a game of Lord of the Rings.

Sara, Jeremy and their homemade sweaters.

Me, David and our 1989 Olan Mills pose. David's hair complete with part and blow-drying.

Such delicious food. When I ordered my friends, I made sure they could cook...and they can. Let me tell you.

Trissers, Eric, and Eric's fabulous moustache.

I'm sorry you can't all look this great.

My sweet genie pants and elf shoes.

Malinda's tiramisu cupcakes. Oh, stars in the sky, those things were so good. Rarrrrraaghghararrrgrgh...that's me stuffing my face.

Me and the Linders

Senia and Brandi. They're supposed to look tacky, but they're still beautiful gals. They just end up looking cuter.

Taylor and his festive tie.

These were soooo good, Amanda!!

Shane raising the roof...the way only someone in a Snuggie can do.

The brothers Shane and Brooks...so pensive.

Ha, just kidding.

This is the best angle for a picture.

Nope. Correction: THIS is the best angle.

Another Olan Mills pose.

Erin and Senia discussing...stuff.

I heart my friends.

And even though there was perfectly good, and empty, furniture just steps away.......

Everyone decides to sit on the floor.

Merry Tacky Sweater Christmas!!

(When Eric posts the professional shots of everybody, I'll add those to another post.)

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