Friday, September 11, 2009

8 Years

Well, David and I flew up to ole Virgin-eye-ay late last night. I'm up here for today and the weekend working with my fabulous client on this sweet new digital printshop they set up and tomorrow we're going historical sight-seeing, which I am super pumped about. We're staying at the cookie hotel and I've already jumped on the bed a few times to test for lighting, so we're good. I'll bring back some pictures. 

I'm not so much with the words, as you all know, and it's hard for me to be serious because most everything in life is just funny and ridiculous, so why not make fun of it. But, today is the 8 year anniversary of our incredible, God-founded nation being attacked by disgusting, ignorant and merciless terrorists. It's hard not to call them amazingly horrible names because, as hard as it might be to acknowledge it, they also are children of God...their hearts twisted and turned against life by satan and his beautiful promises of great rewards. It's very sad to me and I pity them...they had/have no idea what a deceiver satan is. Our job as believers is to pray for them and pine for their souls to be won for the Lord. It's really really really really really hard to do that. This morning at breakfast, they had a memorial service on the news and they were showing footage of the attacks....people jumping, the buildings burning and crashing, people running. It really makes me want to hate. I mean, that's such an easy word to say...hate. I hate listening to sportscasters ramble on about previous games and players' abilities before or after a game. I hate things that aren't chocolate (I'm back on my chocolate kick, btw). But, the meaning and feeling you put behind hate is what matters. It's very easy to hate those people that did this to our nation and fellow citizens. I really want to want what's coming to them in the real "reward" that satan has for them. But, I know that's wrong. And God has dealt with me on that and I'm trying...trying to forgive, trying to love, trying to pray daily for those people...they're lost and they have no idea of the freedom in life that awaits them every second of every day...just right there, free, ready for them to take. God commands us to love one another and so I'm trying to do that. 

That doesn't at all mean we should forget what happened those eight years ago. I read somewhere that you will always remember where you were when you heard the news. I was at sophomore year...standing outside the room where my Ear Training class was along with other students (no, Mom, it's not the class where you train your ears to sit, stand and speak...I was a music minor...long story, anyways). This girl that we all kind of made fun of because she was a ditz came running up the stairs and said a bomb had gone off in New York and Washington. Well...she was the class goof, so no one believed her and the teacher was like, "Oh, okay, Erin..." and we went into class. But afterwards, all of the students were headed to the chapel and we realized something was up and that's when they told the entire school what happened. We always believed Erin after that day.  They cancelled classes for a day and we went to our rooms and watched the news. 

I love my country...I love it so much and I am SO honored to be a citizen of this great nation. I wouldn't trade this for anything. I love it. We could never truly thank the countless firemen, police officers, rescue workers and everyone who dove into the rubble head first to rescue as many people as they could...a lot of them now are still suffering from smoke inhalation and nerve damage...they sacrificed a lot. Thank you, to all of them. Thank you to our soldiers fighting overseas to preserve the freedoms we have here and to protect those elsewhere. Thank you to my cousins, Nathan, Jeremy and Steven. Thank you all three for serving over there and for what you all sacrificed. I love you guys. You are truly heroes. You don't even need a superpower. You could use a sidekick, though, and I would like to formally submit my candidacy. 

Anyways...didn't mean to ramble...just wanted to say thanks to our nation, soldiers, citizens for being freaking awesome. Please, let's not ever ever ever forget 9/11.

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