Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am super grouchy today. Like, SUPER grouchy. For no reason at all. Everything is making me mad. This stupid chair I'm sitting in. My t-shirt. The dog. The cat. David waking me up waaaaay too early because "well, I was up and couldn't go back to sleep, so I decided to get on up." The internet. My bowl of Honey Grahams that made my leftover milk too sweet to drink. Ugh. I hate that! The fan is blowing on me just a little too's drying my eyes out. It's too stinking hot outside to SURVIVE. My belly is in the way and I can't scoot up very close to my desk...and the chair is ridiculous and stupid and I hate it. The fact that yesterday was the first day of FALL, but cool weather is nowhere to be found?? AAAACK. Whatever.

The great thing is that when I'm super super irritable, I'm completely over the top, unreasonable and just ridiculous. And I realize that. And it makes me laugh, which, in the end, kind of cheers me up. I'm not passive aggressive about it and I don't let it build up and then explode over something...I just get it all out in the moment.

Like, this morning...when David woke me up. He's just mosey-ing in the bathroom doing this or that making all kinds of noise and I'm like, "What. are. you. doing??" He says, "What, I couldn't sleep anymore." "Well, could you possibly take it down one TINY LEVEL from tornado fury to garbage disposal serenade?? That would be FANtastic. RAAAAAWWWWRRRRGH!!"

Or when Blue ran hysterically down the hall just for the heck of it and Seumas got all worked up and chased her, pouncing and bounding, making this ridiculous arf-ing bark. My normal limit for that scenario is about 7 seconds...this morning, it was 2.37 seconds. I could feel my ears turning red and I went to the hallway and pointed my finger and yelled at the furry children, "One more peep out of either of you for the rest of the day and you're ON THE STREETS! And I mean it! I won't even look back! You should pray you'd be so lucky to find a good home elsewhere!" (I will say they've been pretty quiet so far.)

It's probably a good thing I'm here by myself right now...

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  1. with your mom constantly calling you:)


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