Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Got Nothin'

Well kids, it's been a super busy week and I haven't even had a chance to think about a post. I am going to write about the meaning of the girls' names, but I'm waiting to talk to both of my grandmothers to make sure I'm getting all of the info right. 

So, until then, here are the things I've learned so far this week: 

Jessica Simpson's dog will not be returned by the coyote that took her, no matter what kind of reward she's offering. 

Kanye West is just a little more important than everybody else. 

The twins have upped their game and are no longer fighting each other. They have joined forces and are fighting my internal organs. My pancreas is putting up a good fight, though.

I think that's about it...see, told you. Busy week. Those are three huge events. 

So, what should I be for Halloween? I've already thought of... 
1. Bun(s) in the Oven
2. Alien(s) bursting out of my stomach, blood everywhere
3. Peas in a Pod
4. A pregnant Old Greg

I'm so at a loss. I can't think of anything. 

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  1. Pregnant Old Greg or bursting aliens. Duh. You have a reputation to uphold! Oh and David can be the other guy in the Old Greg sketches and it can be like he knocked you up. I miss you, hooker!


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