Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

So, I got up this morning with no idea what to write about (as with most mornings) and I was reading through my buddies' blogs and got to Erin's post about guilty pleasures and I thought, "PERFECT, I'll steal her idea." Which is exactly what I'm doing. (Thanks, Erin!!)

I have countless guilty pleasures. These are some of the ones I should probably get help for...

Just like Erin, I also enjoy watching America's Next Top Model marathons. They're completely ridiculous. It's gone from a modeling competition to a who-can-get-all-up-in-whose-face-and-wave-their-arms-the-most competition. And it's awesome. I can't stop watching.

I also can't stop watching Giada at Home or Everyday Italian. That little Italian-American gets on my nerves so bad...along with her dangerously low-cut shirts...but I love her! Her big ole forehead and smile and chubby Hobbit hands...she's so endearing. I just wish she'd say "mozzarella" like most people.

Erin has a crush on Anthony Bourdain...I have a crush on Top Chef's Tom Colicchio. Sooooo precious and rawr!

Clover Valley's (Dollar General) Mint Thin Girl Scout rip-off cookies. I know, I know, Malinda...they're Communist cookies bent on destroying everything Girl Scout...but they're delicious!! And available all year! Don't worry, I'll still buy cookies from your troops.

I listen to Christmas music...all year long. Thankfully, I work from home, so no one but the dog and cat can hear me and they sing along. I love Christmas music.

I like to smell brand new tennis shoes. Even in the store (as long as I know they're brand new). I'm sure I look pretty amazing sniffing shoes, but they smell so good. OH, new books, too. I love to smell new books. That was one of my favorite things about college...the beginning of every semester...new books!

Eonline.com...yes, yes, I read it daily. I don't even like Hollywood, nor do I care about their opinions or what they're wearing or who broke up with who...but usually one of them has gotten into some kind of trouble and it's funny to read about.

Highlights magazine...aagh, I know. But if I'm ever at the doctor's office or dentist and I see a Highlights...I go straight for the "Hidden Picture" section. Those 4-12 year olds got nothin' on me!

The Ragdoll game on iPhone. It's slightly morbid, but completely hilarious...and awesome.

Looking through clearance at World Market. Those folks have tons of random stuff on clearance. Such as David's brand new Cuisinart ice cream machine...$12...thank you very much.

Taking slightly stalkerish pictures of people at the beach or airports.

Tostino's Pizza Rolls...that's all I need to say.

Having guests park their cars in our cul-de-sac where I know the grumpy neighbors will hate it.

Letting Seumas bark uncontrollably at the kids who ride their bikes through our yard as a shortcut to our part of the neighborhood. One of these days, I'm going to let him off his leash and then those kids will be met with a black fury, a dark soul ravaged by the merciless wrath of a werewolf-pig hybrid...who will probably run up to them, lick their hands and say "Let's play!"

Wrapping paper...it's so pretty and dainty and fun. And in the World Market clearaaaaaance...just saying.

Jurassic Park...I could watch that movie every day.

Well, that's about it...at least the ones I'm okay with sharing out loud. Hey, you should go read this post and watch the video on Kinsley's page if you haven't already...a song called White Man.

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  1. As you know I share your pleasure in Giada, though, of course, I genuinely adore her.

    Thanks for the shout-out, too.


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