Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Girls in da House!!!

That's right! They're ladies!! Woo hoooo!!!! I gotta tell you...I could not be more excited. YAY!! GIRLS! I'm just giddy with delight. I wanted girls the whole time, but of course I would have been just as happy with men gents. And God always give us what we're supposed to have...whether it's twin girls or chocolate or an exceptionally mean cat. I am just thrilled...GIRLS! Tee heeee hehehe...poor Davey. Ah, poor Davey, my face...he's going to spoil them rotten and they're going to go to him for everything and they're going to be like, "Why is Mom so mean?" Silly girls. Now, I have shopping buddies and hair to braid and little dolls to dress up. David said, "They're not dolls, Ruth." And I said, "Until they develop their motor skills and can dress/change themselves and/or pay me back for the fat check I just wrote to the hospital, then yes, they are my dolls and I can dress them however I please." Starting with the FANTABULOUS clothes I just got them at babygap yesterday. Oh. My. Gracious...they could not be any cuter. I'm not a girly girl at all...duh...and I don't do a lot of pinks and such, even though I think pinks are just fine...BUT, babygap had the CUTEST FLIPPING CLOTHES in there and I got a little more than I told David I would, but when he saw the two pairs of shoes I got for them, he just melted. And by "melted", I mean, he kind of rolled his eyes and gave me that, "Oh, Ruth, you goon" smile. And then, on the way out of the mall...I had to potty in Belk and lo and behold, what was right by the bathrooms but the infant clothes section. So, I had to get two newborn fuzzy little outfits for them since they'll be born in the winter and will need some stylish winter outfits. YOU GUYS! GIRLS!! Okay...okay, I'll stop. TEE HEE!! Okay...for real...I'm done. 

OH, NAMES. I almost forgot. Well, we decided to name them Hensley and Kinsley. Hoorah!

Ha haaaaaa, that's a joke. Their names are...

Piper Lee and Harper Missouri 

Piper Lee will be double named. We're calling them Pipes and Harps...just cuz we can. I'll go through the explanation of the names later...big long history dealio...all family names. But we're excited!

Here are the gals in all their glory...I mean, ALL their glory...they ain't shy. When she turned on the monitor and we saw...she zoomed down to a little rear end...I knew immediately. I said, "Those are lady parts!" It's kind of long, so watch it if you're bored. Also, I realize that the front on face shots are CREEPY. I mean, alien baby creepy. The profile shots are much cuter. They look like little Whos from Whoville. 

Here are some pictures from inside my tummy...stuff I ate. The contents oddly resemble babies. Weird. 

Dr. Mac said he couldn't be happier with the babies' growth and everything looked perfect and I was like, "Well, uh, yeah. My kids are fabulous." But he said I'm measuring about 22 weeks, which means I'll be ginormous in no time. He said he was so proud of me and that I was doing a great job. I just giggled and held out my hand for my gold star. He asked me to gain a little more weight, which was pretty stinking awesome. He said, "Eat whatever you want." Wow...those are very powerful words. What do I do with that? It's like I've been given the power to control the universe. I'm kind of in awe. So, I'm pondering the concept of "whatever you want." It's pretty fantastic. I'm looking forward to this. 

Oh, it's my berfday! It's my berfday! 27 big ones! Woo hooooo! Well, not until 4:00 p.m. I'm going to hold onto 26 until then. To celebrate today, the girls and I have decided to eat a bowl of Cap'n Crunch and then work. Then on Thursday, we're headed to LE BEACH for a Labor Dabor extravaganza with our buddies. Can this week get any better? 

I'll post the surprise party pictures tomorrow along with the A-STINKING-DORABLE clothes I got them. Anyways. 

GIRLS!! YAY!!!!!!


  1. I just started reading you blog a few days ago. And I normally don't comment on blogs 'cause it is weird us not knowing each other and stuff....(my name is Jaye)

    But I am delurking to say Congrats. I bet your girls are going to be so stinking cute.

  2. Future girl scouts! I'm so happy for you guuuys! Uncle Zack and Aunt Malinda will most assuredly be getting matching Alabama cheerleader uniforms for them. You said we could!

    Love you guys. All 4 of you. All 5 including Seamus and Blue (yes, 5).

  3. I totalyl thought they were goin to be girls....funny since I thought my kid was going to be a boy and she wasn't!

    You are going to LOVE having girls. Truly, the best part is dressing them...Baby Gap rocks! In MN we have a store called Hannah Anderson which is another favorite of mine. Then again, little girl clothes is always a favorite!

    Congratulations again!


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