Thursday, September 10, 2009

Deep Thoughts

These are pretty deep ponderings for a Thursday, so if you're not up for it, you should go Google "kittens" or something. 

What if the internet just ended? Like, what if it just stopped being. Think of all of your pictures on blogs and Facebook and Twitter and Flickr...all of that work you invested...gone. What would you do during the day? Yeah, don't give me "uh, work, duh," because we all know what you really do at your desk all day, you little YouTuber. But seriously. Is there someone who controls the internet? One main internet ruler...the King of the Web...the Governor of Cyberspace. Who runs the thing? We all know Al Gore invented it, but who keeps it going? Aliens? Or is it the computer system in I-Robot. What would we do...honestly. I personally think my mom would cease to exist. I think she'd just implode or poof into nothingness if she knew she couldn't stalk on Facebook or be enraptured by plastic surgeries gone wrong pictures or check the weather. Oh gosh, if she couldn't check the weather...that would be a sad sad day. Don't worry, Mom, I think the internet is safe......for right now...wah ha haaaaaaa......... 

This weekend at the beach, we were watching a special on the History channel about black holes and the possibility that there is one RIGHT THROUGH THE CENTER OF OUR PLANET. Agggggghhh...obviously, not a normal black hole because we'd all be sucked into it only to be completely and utterly destroyed, but like a special, nice black hole. And supposedly, they think they know where it is. The Bermuda Triangle. What if there was a black hole on Earth? Could we travel from one side to the other in no time at all? It'd be a pain to have to sail all the way out there just to teleport to the other side. I'd rather take a plane. They did more research and determined that something is up with the Mariana Trench, lines up with the Bermuda Triangle in a unique way...I dunno. I'm sure it's something God did to be funny and to make us sit here, wondering, trying to figure it out. Either way, I've cancelled my yachting vacation to the Mariana Trench for next Spring...I ain't getting caught in a black hole. 

I think maybe at least once a week (or day), we all ask ourselves the "if I was a superhero, what power would I want" question. That's a tough one, because I feel like once you decide, you're stuck with your answer and that ability forever. I've gone back and forth. And you can't use the Peter Petrelli answer and say, "I want the power that gives me everybody else's powers." That's the same as wishing for a million wishes with one of your three wishes. Wow, I just said "wishes" a whole lot. And also, that's a dumb power because hey, after the eclipse, he lost everything. Laaaaaame. Anyways. So, it has to be a REAL superhero power...not a silly TV show power. I've always been fascinated with Nightcrawler. And the idea of teleportation is awesoooooome. But then, I thought, well, gosh, I'd never get any exercise at all, so maybe not that one. But I wouldn't want to be able to fly either...same problem. I wouldn't want telepathy because I FO SHO don't want to know what people are thinking and I don't have to use telepathy to control them...I use my charm (a.k.a. fists of fury [a.k.a. taser]). Super strength...nah...sonic voice...boring...laser beam-radiating eyes...limiting. So, I always end back up with teleportation. I think that's what I'll go with. I'll just lay off the ice cream Snickers. 

If you got stuck in a situation like in Groundhog Day (the movie), what would you do? Because, you'd only have a day each time, so you were limited in your travel outside of the U.S. But, also, I got to'd never know when it would be over. And, what if one day, you spent all of your money doing this or that and then woke up expecting to start over again and it was the NEXT day. That would suck so bad. I wouldn't do anything illegal. Well, I might go test drive a fancy pants car and take it for an extra long drive. I would do dangerous, extreme sports stuff. Well, maybe not super extreme. I would totally tell people the truth all day long, even if they didn't ask for it. And if someone was super grouchy at the store, I'd let them have it. But, why would I be at the store? I'd be at the beach! OH! I'd buy a horse and ride it on the beach. I asked David that question awhile ago and he said, "I would take the opportunity to learn something and become really good at an instrument or language." That's an accountant for you. God bless him. 

How high does the sycamore grow?

If I were the city of Atlantis...where would I hide? 

If I could have invented anything, what would it be? The Sliced Hands-free car door The candles that look like they're burning, but aren't...YES. 

If I do happen to get the twins mixed up, what kind of problems will that cause? Do they take blood samples and match their DNA with their birth certificate? If so, will I have to get them matched up again every ten years or so to make sure I'm calling them the right names? This is really stressing me out. 

Why is water so bland and boring, yet so refreshing and wonderful. The idea of water is just weird, you have to admit. 

Anyways. I hope these questions have opened your minds to new thoughts and ideas and thoughts...and ideas. I pray that today finds you pondering ponderful-worthy thoughts and ideas. (I haven't had breakfast yet...I'm sorry.)

Happy Birthday, Noah!!


  1. Peter Petrelli lost his power when his dad, whose power is to suck the power out of people, sucked it out of him. That sounded gross, but I can't think of a better way to word it.

    On that same note, Zack invented a superhero for me a few years back named Lady Diamond. I have a cat-eyed mask, a black jumpsuit, black boots, and a black streak in my hair. I have a big diamond on my chest that glows when I suck energy out of my enemy, then I take that energy and harness it into a plasma ray. Then I throw the plasma ray at them and kill them with their own energy. How awesome? Here's a picture:

  2. i would just be a dog for a day-how neat is that?:)


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