Monday, September 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home

David and I got back yesterday evening from a fun mini-trip to Ole Virginia. We went to visit my client up there and to touch base, have meetings, hang with folks, etc. We always have a good time when we go. The people are pretty much fantastic. I just want to pick 'em up and hug 'em. 

We stayed at the cookie hotel again...awesome, as always. 
We found ways to keep ourselves occupied. 
David calls this one the Breaching Whale.

On Friday, I headed up to the office to do some work. 
This is one of the many work-related things I accomplished that day.
I heard a lawn mower outside and looked out the window to see how he was doing...hmmmm...not so great. I'm going to call this one Lawn Mowing Fail. 

Saturday morning, we went to Target to finish our registry. WAY more fun than registering online, even though the choices were still overwhelming. 

"What to get??" 
"I dunno!!"
David says, "What are these for?" I says, "I dunno. We should register for them, though, cuz they look like coffee filters."  (We did not register for them, btw, and promptly returned them to the coffee aisle, because obviously they were out of place.)
While we were there, I registered myself a baby daddy.
Pow! Pow! Registry...done.
Can I? The answer is "no", sweetheart. 

On Saturday afternoon, BJ and Justin took us to Colonial Williamsburg. It was a lot of fun! We both love historical stuff. There's a ton to see and do there. 
Adorable, white picket fences were everywhere.
The cobbler...who, I swear, was from either Bermuda or Canada. He was not really from 1700's America. I'm onto you, Mr. Cobbler.
Dapper and Dan...those are the names I gave them.
They had their own garden.
Feeeeeed me, Seymour!! Feeeeeeeed meeeeeeeeeee!
See the little sheep waaaay in the distance?
"Ma! Pa! Come see what washed up in the well!" a delighted Tillie squealed as she swung open the gate, her bare feet pounding the dirt porch of their white-washed house. (This just seemed like a fitting setting for this short story I'm writing...Tillie and the Dead Frogs in the Well.)
Can you make me a quilt that has a leopard fighting a bear on it? 
Run! A Colonial Williamsburger is coming down the alleyway to attack us!
I don't know how long this guy was on the tour, but we got out of there fast. 
The apothecary. 
Waaaaait a second...this isn't Edinburg Castle! Hang on! This isn't even Scotland! I need to speak to the manager. 
Reenacting at the old capitol building. 
Inside the Thomas Everard house. They painted it this green and lacquered it to help reflect the light...cuz, you know, no electricity, and they gotsta see!
The original block print wallpaper of the Everard house. Not the original wallpaper itself, but the original print. I thought it was pretty cool. 
Some ginormous oak tree. 
The mayor, maybe? He was inside the courthouse. 
Martha Washington's grandparents' house. How cool is that?!
One of the oldest churches in America. Still being used today for worship services. 

On Saturday night, some friends ate out Hibachi with us and surprised us with cute balloons and fabulous gifts! So sweet! 
They're gonna be mad I posted these pictures. I didn't use a flash, so the quality is bad anyway. Left to right...Crystal, John Paul, Ben and Kristen. 
BJ and Justin
Justin, T (Thomas) and Sabrina
Bring me those noodles, Hin-Sao!

Headin' home! 
There's someTHING on the WING!  
I's just kidding.
Are we there yet?
David trying to see what 15C was playing.
My travel buddy.
Piper Lee and Harper's first plane ride. 
20 Weeks!


  1. I. Want. That. Lacquered. Fireplace. Bad.

    And I love the "football is for girls" to my husband. Hahaha.

  2. The black and white picture of you is BEAUTIFUL! I'm glad you guys had a good time. We miss you!


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