Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Partay and Shopping and Prison Complaining

Well, Sunday evening, David and I headed to Zack and Malinda's because we were going out to eat and then back to their house to watch I Love You, Man ("See you later....Joban."). We walk in the house...I put my purse on the couch and reach down to pet Tallula (a dog, not a kid) and head to the kitchen because it seemed awfully quiet in the house. We get to the kitchen and lo and behold, surprise!!! Yay!! I have the best buddies...I really do! So, of course, I immediately turn red and then start crying because I'm a pansy, but it meant the world to me, so I had no choice. Anyways. There was an amazing spread of gourmet finger foods and all things delicious. My friends can cook, too, let me tell you. It was sooo much fun. I had a wonderful time and I realize over and over again how incredibly blessed we are to have such friends in our lives. Thank you guys for everything! Hugs hugs! 

Chris, Zack and Ben chattering about who knows what.

Mystery solved: Malinda murdered the cake.

My buddy!

Venom Ben...with his fabulous Ghostbusters belt buckle

Tim, Caitlin and a very somber Shea

I'm sorry, Tris...I had to...this picture cracks me up! And Eric holding Mr. Reid...who was quite the lecturer that evening.

It owns me how much Story flirts with Shane. She loves him.

"Flirting...I wasn't flirting. Can I help I'm blessed with a pile of cuteness all over? Not my fault, suckahs."

Holland was not as excited about the cell phone as Brandi was.

Holland says, "Get me outta here, woman!" as Erin and I pose.

Malinda makes these amazing pretzels and this awesome cheese dip to go along, but the dip didn't turn out quite the way she wanted that night.

So, Malinda made Brandi eat it. And I look like an idiot in the background. 
Me and the Sistah

What could be in this box from Davey?

After peeling through the Ruth-proof outer box, there's a blue box and bag...a necklace from Tiffany's! TEE HEE!!

Normally, I don't care about brands or fancy stuff, but I had to brag on David with this one. It was perfect and amazing and he did such a great job! I absolutely love it!


He is perfect. Look at that sweet angel.

It was a wonderful night! (Even laser-eyes Tallula joined in the shenanigans.) are the SHMADORABLE clothes I got for the gals after our appointment Monday. They had some stuff on sale, so I got a little more than I originally planned, but whatevs. 

Little winter outfits.
David loves the shoes.
Their yacht pants...seeing as how they have a yacht. They were on super sale so I got a pair of 0-3 months and a pair of 6-12 months. 
A little yachting shirt to go with their pants.
Stinking cute socks
This dressed just stole my heart.
I say hippie...David says Asian...we're going with Hasianippie. 
They had jeans buy one, get one for $10...and I figured since there were two of them, I should get two pairs. 
Sweet baby daddy looking at his future...dressing little girls, braiding hair...he's going to be awesome at it!

So, I was reading an article this morning about some celebrity prisoner who had been complaining about the facilities in which he was imprisoned and they moved him to make him happy. Uh...hello...he murdered someone. Does it not bother anybody else that a murderer can complain and be moved to more a "more fitting and suitable" environment? I'm like...poke holes in a trash can and let them live in there and if they whine...move them to a smaller trash can. That's how it works in Prison du Ruthe.

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