Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Home Again...home again...fiddledy dee

I don't know how that rhyme really goes...I think that's close, though. 

So, we got back late yesterday afternoon from a loooong weekend  at the beach...filled with great friends, good food, a super cute house in a wonderful location, sun, crystal clear water, dolphins, shopping, and sharks. Just kidding about the sharks...haven't seen any sharks since Labor Day 2005. We had a blast! But, I am worn out. Sadly, I was lazy (as I often am on vacation) and I only took 48 pictures and all of them are pretty crappy, so I'm waiting for Sara to poster hers on Facebook so I can steal them. I've already stolen the ones Malinda posted. So, pictures tomorrow! Woot! We (I) ate waaaaay too much food, but it was all good and on vacation, it's calorie free, so why not, right. Brandi found us a fabulous restaurant and we all splurged and went fancy pants one night....mmmm...that crab cake...kiss a monkey, that was delicious. And crab-stuffed, pancetta-wrapped jumbo shrimp...yes, please. 

David, Cara and I thought it'd be a great idea to walk a mile and a half to Seaside for some shopping and I wore flip flops and now my feet hate me forever. I'm sorry, Left and Right, I'll never do it again. Stupid cheap flip flops. 

Well, I'll have pictures tomorrow (hint hint, Sara). 

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  1. i think it is "home again, home again....jiggety jig!


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