Sunday, April 12, 2009

Girl, I'm So Sorry

For Erin...because she believed in the Ellen letter the hardest. 
Girl, I'm sorry.



  1. you have waaaaaayyy too much time on your hands. if you wear those pants in public put a beeper on your butt before you back up:):)

  2. So, Billy and I are wondering how it's possible that my best friend is sooooo CRAZY!!!! I love you though and you make us laugh! I laughed so hard I felt like my incision was going to rip open! (did you like that? I'm sure you are about to puke right now!!)
    Anyway, if this is what working from home is like sign me up!
    Love you

  3. Ruth, you are absolutely hysterical and quite possibly the most talented person I know.


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