Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So, Sue Me

Well, apparently, you can only write about the weather, something stupid that you did or the weather on your blog. Because now, people are suing other bloggers because they believed what the blogger wrote about on their blog. Blog is a funny word. Did you know it's a smushed word made from "web log"? True story. 

Yeah, so, if you review a product, movie, food, whatever or even just talk about it and how you liked/didn't like it...some crazy person out there is going to sue you because they took your word for it. It's on the news somewhere...David called and told me to "be careful what I write about because people are dumb." 

So, people of Earth...
- the Five Fingers shoes are not for everyone. 

- white girls can't dance as good as me, so don't sign your daughters up for lessons. 

- the cookies at the hotel in Virginia are definitely delicious but they may or may not be the "best cookies in the world," so don't kill yourself trying to get some. I haven't tasted every cookie in the world, so what do I know. 

- the products from Sky Mall magazine may or may not be cool. I dunno. They just look silly to me. I'm going by a picture and short description here, people. 

- the Wii Fit is not mean or Canadian. It's just motivational in a harsh way and it says "eh" a lot. 

If there's anything else, just don't believe me and I don't know what I'm talking about. Swanyways.

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  1. This is ridiculous. Do these lawsuits actually hold up in court? What happened to the constitutional right of expressing a personal opinion (i.e., free speech)?


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