Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who Visits My Blog?

I have a counter on my blog that lets me know how many people visit a day, where they're visiting from, and the steps it took them to get to my blog if they didn't go to the page directly. It's a fun little gadget. It comes with a map and shows me where the people are least where it's pulling their ISP from. Whitney, sometimes you come from Tennessee and California. Eric, sometimes you come from Virginia and New Hampshire. It also gives me your SSN and credit card info. Ha, just kidding. Or am I..........

I have three readers up in Canada. Hello, Canada. G'day! No, wait, that's Australia. Eh?, it is. 

If my blog gets hit by a Google search, it shows me what the person typed in to key in a hit. A common one is "King Bogue of the Netherlands." That one's easy. I don't know who King Bogue is, but I'm pretty sure he's got rights to the name. Sometimes, it'll find words in a single post and bring my blog up on Google. Recently, someone hit the post that I wrote this past Christmas about going to the kids' Christmas play at our church and the baby in front of us kept staring at me. This is what someone typed in on Google that eventually brought up my blog...
I've been laughing for about 3 days straight now because of this. I'm also a little worried about this person's well-being. So, if you are, in fact, worried about babies staring at you to the point that you have to research it...maybe...well, maybe you should...just, stop worrying.'s a won't hurt you. There are more important things to Google. 

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  1. Confession. That is how I found you, my dear friend. I am scared that Levi will stare at me and because of my worrisom ways, it led me to you. Thank you and goodbye.


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