Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today, my hero is...

Carrie Prejean. 

I'm sure you've all heard or read about the controversial Miss USA pageant question asked by Perez Hilton. Which, really quick, how in the world does he have any business judging a beauty pageant? He's a celebrity gossip blogger. But, whatever. Carrie answered honestly and remained true to her faith. She didn't stumble in her answer like a lot of Hollywood gossip shows said she did. Go youtube it. This wasn't a "Like, uhm, the map...of the Iraqi nations...cuz, you know...maps" moment. She spoke clearly and directly. Perez didn't like it and later went on to rant in his blog that the reason she didn't win (but instead was 1st runner up) was because she was a stupid b****. Yeah, that's a very grown-up and reasonable answer, I would say. Definitely shows me what kind of person he is. I mean, I knew anyway. But, I'm thinking, that's really all you have to say? That she's stupid and then call her a filthy name? Yeah, very mature and logical. And later when Carrie was interviewed, she didn't start slamming Perez for what he called her, but took the higher road. 

I'm not a very political person...wait...ha...let me start that again...I am a VERY political person. But, I usually stay pretty quiet unless you get up in my face, just because I get really fired up. But this is another reason I don't like getting into political debates. I know this isn't political so much, but close enough. People don't have any common sense. They just yell and say dumb things. Apparently, the louder you are and the more language you use, the more "right" you are and you "win." It's just a cycle that I think is a waste of my time, so why bother. You want to argue with me, then come on, but be prepared to walk away crying. See, I'm already getting worked up and we aren't even talking about anything.

Anyways. I just think it's cool she stood firm in what she believed even when she was asked an irrelevant question that had nothing to do with beauty pageant stuff or how she'll be a role model for young girls across America, etc. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of Miss Prejean. 

In other news, I am so excited about this weekend because I FINALLY get to go see my precious buddies' (Billy and Beth) sweet little darling, Carter. It's been like 3 years since he was born (really just a month, but it feels like 3 years) and I finally get to see him! Yay! 

We have softball practice tonight...but I'm going to the batting cages before, because, well, I need the practice. Don't you hate it when you just know you're going to shatter the bat and you put all of your strength behind the swing and it's a perfect pitch and then CLINK...roll roll roll stop. And the ball is actually behind you. You were so bad that the ball jumped through a wormhole and ended up behind you. Sad. Hence, batting cages. 

I'm eating an orange and it's kind of tart and hurts my face, but I love it. I want more! 


  1. if i lived closer i'd hit up the cages with ya. i miss playing ball!

    one of the dresses is here: http://wordsfromwarr.blogspot.com/2009/03/weddings.html

    i'll have to take a pic in the other one....we never did get a pic with our shoes.....

  2. The balling rolling behind you isn't as bad as when I was catching and got hit in the forehead with the ball!! And on a bounce!


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