Monday, April 6, 2009

Too Lazy for a Real Post

So, I'll just do a few short posts in I normally do. 

Gullible Ruth
We're a family of pranksters, obviously, and one of my favorite days of the year is April Fool's. I HAD SUCH A GOOD ONE to pull on my mom this year. Mom and I really are the only ones that take it seriously, so we get each other every year. But, since I was busy traveling back from Virginia this year's April Fool's, I completely forgot. I mean, completely forgot all about it. I was so disappointed in myself. 

Well, I got home and was getting out of the car and telling mom over the phone that I was home. And right when we were hanging up, she said, "Oh, wait, I almost forgot. This lady I saw the other day was with her son and I know her from so and so and her son lives near where you are. And he works from home, too. And so we got to talking and he asked what you did for a living and I told him you were a designer and he said he needed some design work for his company and for me to give him a call." So, me, being the trusting daughter, said, "Great. Sure! What's his name and number?" Mom said, "His name is Mr. Lyons and his number is blah blah. But you HAVE to call him today because he's going out of town tomorrow and won't be available." So, I get home and unpack and she calls and asks, "Have you called that guy yet?" "No, Mom. I will in a bit." "Well, call me and let me know what he says." 

So, finally I call the number and lo and behold, it's the zoo's answering machine service. Well, stupid me thinks, "I need to speak to the operator to get up with this Mr. Lyons." So, I dial 1 for the operator...who ended up being an incredibly grouchy and rude old lady.

"Hello, this is the Botanical Gardens & Zoo."
"Hi, this is Ruth. I was given this number to ask for a Mr. Lyons." 
"Mr. Lyons. Is he available?" 
"This is the zoo! And it's April Fool's!" CLICK...dial tone......

I was just laughing to myself at how bad I fell for that and my pride was hurt. I refused to call mom back. So, hours later...I got on the phone with Sara and Noah and we came up with a plan...Noah called Mom (while she was in church) and told her he just got back to his apartment after class and someone broke in and trashed everything and stole a lot of stuff, including his prize violin. She totally bought it. It was great. Noah, I'm so proud of you. But, our prank still lived in the shadow of my "Can I speak to Mr. Lyons?" moment. I'm still embarrassed. Oh, and now my grandfather is calling me leaving messages saying "This is Mr. Lyons. I've been trying to get up with Ruth for some time now. She won't return my calls." Thanks, Papaw. You're a pal. 

Blue Angels
My sister went and saw the Blue Angels this weekend. Looking at the pictures on her blog makes me proud to be an American. I know they're not all military planes, but still. Makes you proud. 

It's cold outside again. And windy. I knew this was coming, but I thought maybe if I had a pure heart and believed it with all of my soul, it wouldn't happen. But nope...I don't know what that says about my heart or believing...but it's stinking cold outside. And inside. And in my heart, because I hate the cold. 

There's a full moon on Friday. Just thought I'd say that because I'm sure a few of you were wondering and planning your schedules around it. 

It's true. I have nothing real to post about, so I'm just grasping at straws here. 

You all have a bright and happy day despite the blasted cold. 

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