Monday, April 27, 2009

The Many Faces of McNugget

Our dear friends, Billy and Elizabeth, were recently joined by a new member of the family, Mr. Carter. Yes, his first name is Carter, not Mister. But, I call him McNugget...because, well, he looked like a McNugget when he was cooking (growing) in the oven (womb). I had to clarify because some human rights folks would say something about me cooking babies. Anyways. He's stinking adorable...complete with two dimples and chubby cheeks. We finally got to visit them this weekend...a month after McNugs was born. He makes so many faces...I counted about 17 when I was holding him. He has a whole comedy routine. Feeling down? No problem. Go hold McNugget. I tried to get a few of them to show you guys. Billy and Beth, I'll send y'all these on a disc. :) 

"Oh...did I...who...what...huh?

"Hey,'s all good. S'cool...chillax...yeaaahh......."

"Uh thank you...uh thank you very much."

"Acupuncture! Wrong nerve!" 

"I have an idea. Yep...yes, that's definitely an idea. Oh wait. Nope. That's just my diaper talking." 

"Meat loaf...sweet cream corn...arugula salad...sweet tea...blackberry cobbler...that's the stuff. Man, I need some teeth."

"Huh? Did you call me? Oh, yeah yeah...I know what a Shar Pei is. Why do you ask? My forehead? What?"

"Gloooory, glooory, Halleluuuuujah...."

"Uh, yeah, grab me a Sierra Mist while you're up." 

The fam.

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  1. I'm seriously loving the pics of McNugget! Thanks so much for taking them. I can't wait to see the rest :)


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