Monday, August 31, 2009

Boys/Girls, Hugsy, Friends and Inappropriate Ads at 1:30, we'll find out if the munchkins are ladies or gents. I can't even believe it. It seems like it's been forever that we've had to wait and y'all know how impatient I am. Y'all have been absolutely no help on the poll. It's basically been 50/50 the entire time. Boys are winning by one. My mom was upset because it only let her vote once and she was wanting to rig it towards girls. I'm still going with girls...David's still going with boys. This whole time, though, I've not been able to get boy/girl out of my mind, but I know that's not possible with identical. WELL...come to find out...even though they're showing in the ultrasound that they're more than likely identical, there's still a SMALL chance they're fraternal (you apparently never really know unless you have a DNA test in the womb [which is not happening] or until they come out [Shane likes that terminology much better than "birthed."]). So...I'm still kind of holding on to that it's a boy and girl. I don't know why, but that's what's seemed right to me this whole time. Guess we'll find out laters today. I will let y'all know tomorrow! Seeing as how 99.9% of you will find out this afternoon when I call you, you'll already know, but I ain't got much else to blog about for tomorrow. 

Well, I've got to say it...I have the world's best husband and the world's best friends. I know you might think you do, but I'm sorry...I do. NASA has funded and approved my's irrefutable. Tomorrow is my berfday! Whoop whoop! And the Hugsy and my friends had a surprise party for me last night. It was FABULOUS. I was totally surprised. Which is amazing, because it's really hard to surprise me. So, props to them for being sneaky sneakersons. I didn't have my camera, so my dear sister took pictures with hers and I'll post them tomorrow. I ate way too much amazing food. I embarrassed myself incredibly by crying when they surprised me. Sorry, guys, I didn't know that was going to happen. It just meant the world to me. Y'all are wonderful and I am sooooo blessed to have you in my life. And David...thank you for everything. You are amazing. I love you, darling. Bow chica bow wow...

Also, I feel the need to apologize for some inappropriate Google ads on the side of my blog. I've been made aware by more than one person about the suspicious nature of one or more ads that have been know to pop up occasionally. It's not like I write about the Trojan Horse, so I don't know what the deal is. Sneaky ads. 

Yay for ultrasounds! 

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  1. Maybe the ads are there to remind people to use safe sex or they could end up with twins. Only kidding! :) Can't wait to find out if they are boys/girls or a boy and a girl. Happy Birthday, too!


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