Friday, October 2, 2009

23 Weeks

Well, the gals started their 23rd week yesterday and we had an appointment. They're doing great! Heartbeats super strong, the nurse found them immediately (relief). Got good reports all around.

So, David and I disagree on this, you tell me what you think...Dr. Mac came in and said (verbatim), "Ruthie, I am LOVING the weight gain. Very pleased with it. You've done great. I'm really proud of you. I know it seemed like it was a big chunk of real estate to have to put on in a short amount of time, but you did good, and since you're where you should be now, you don't have to invest into that much real estate each time." David took all that to mean, "Great job on the weight gain. For the rest of the pregnancy, you can just pace yourself and I won't ask you to gain a lot at once anymore because you're caught up to where you should be." Well, I, in my very delicate emotional state, took it to mean, "Great job on the weight gain, fattie. If you could possibly not EAT so much next time, that'd be great. How about you slow down on the doughnuts." (Which I have had TWO of since May.) Anyways...David said I was being irrational...after I punched him, I realized he was probably right. But STILL. If you're a girl, pregnant or not, you know how we read into everything and we're entirely unreasonable about stuff and I admit that and yesterday was one of those (many) days.

Even though they're at 23 weeks...we're measuring at 30 weeks...awes. I asked if that meant they'd come 7 weeks early and he said probably not. He's still predicting a late December/early January arrival. No going home for Christmas for us... :((((((((((((((((((((

I asked him a ton of questions...I had my list. He's a very visually explanatory doctor, if that makes sense. If you ask him a simple question, he will give you a very thorough answer...and I totally appreciate that. But sometimes, I wish I hadn't asked the question. My belly button and a small area around it have started going numb, just in the past few days. Not all the way numb, just a little bit and it feels weird. Tris told me it did it to her, too, just in a different area on her belly, so I knew it wasn't anything bad. I asked Dr. Mac, "What causes that?" He stands up and says, "Okay...picture yourself lying down, flat on your back. And there's a bright light above you. There's this little tiny elf standing up straight in your belly, looking up." (I prayed to God that he would never ever finish that story....but he did.) "The little elf looks up and sees this cobweb of nerves" (bleeeegh) "and as your tummy stretches, those nerves get spread out and your uterus starts rubbing on the nerves" (bleeeeegh) "and for some women, it goes numb, and for some women, it hurts." So, now I have this image of a creepy little elf man that lives in my a cobweb nerve house...awesome.

It was supposed to be a super short, regular check-up before I start my "every two weeks" appointments and before the remainder of my "big" appointments...the glucose test (yay), more bloodwork, more ultrasounds, other types of appointments, and actually having the kids. But, it ended up being a long appointment because Dr. Mac (bless him) got called into an emergency surgery right before our appointment and we had to wait. Totally fine...emergency surgery more important. But we got bored...realllllly bored. And there's only so much you can do in an exam room.

So, I ate crackers. The belly is soo makes me laugh.

And made faces for Malinda.

This was intended to be "fat man eating" but it came out more like "angry fat man feeding the pigeons."

Me and the gals!
Also, I realize I wear almost this same outfit all the time...I'm running out of summer clothes. Cold weather better get here soon and stay, otherwise, I'm gonna have to see what I can do with a pillow case and sheet.

One of my BFF's at the hospital...ultrasound jelly is COLD, so this sucker helps.

Hey, look, games! It's a Rorschach test.

This is on the ceiling above the exam table. And I think it's great what it says. But really, singing is the last thing you want to do when....well, they should have just put a poster that says "This too shall pass."

There was a gnome in the exam room behind the curtain. He kept giggling.

After debating about it for awhile and trying to figure out what to do, I decided to get the flu shot. Not the H1N1, but the regular flu shot. I've never had the flu and I've never had a flu shot. Watch this be the year that I get it. Well, at my last appointment, Dr. Mac said he highly recommended I get it. Well, I for sure don't want the dadburn thing. But I asked him about it again and he said he couldn't make the decision for me, but his opinion was that it's not so much for me, as for the girls. And that they'll be born in the height of flu season and by getting the shot, I'm giving them the protection of the vaccine because they can't get the vaccine themselves until they're at least 6 months old. And, even though I hate giving in and getting the stupid thing, I feel it's the right thing to do for them. And, as always, it's...
As for the H1N1 vaccine, you couldn't pay me to get that.

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