Friday, October 23, 2009


My precious friend, Brandi, was recently involved in an experimental procedure developed by NASA to determine if biomechanical upgrades could be infused into human anatomy. It can be. The procedure was successful and Brandi's right eye is now a technologically advanced ocular system that can zoom, take pictures, acquire targets, and so much more. It can even shoot lasers. She's still recovering from the surgery, so she's been having to wear this eye patch for a little while until her brain and body accept the new upgrades.
No wait...that's not right...that's from a movie...sorry. I lose track of which story belongs to who sometimes. We call her Brandar the Barbarian...she's know for her ferocious temper and for the fact that she'll punch anybody, even babies. Zack wrote a theme song for her that he sings when she becomes angry...she starts glowing and beams of radiation shoot out from her body and disintegrate any living thing within a 30 ft radius. So, the eye patch is very fitting. (In truth, she's probably the kindest and most generous person you'll ever meet, but Brandar the Barbarian is fun to say.) What really happened was that she had put her contacts in what she thought was regular storage saline, but it ended up being that super high-powered cleaning solution acid bath. So, when she put her contacts back in, it gave her a chemical burn on her eyeball. Poor Brandi. The doctor gave her some drops and the most fabulous eye patch ever. If only we had had time to bedazzle it.

Brandi is on her way right now to Ukraine to work with an orphanage and some amazing kids as a part of a ministry organization. This is Brandi's fourth year to go. Her pictures and stories are always incredible and I can't wait to hear about the trip! Please keep their team in your prayers as they travel today and throughout the week as they minister to those precious children and teens.

Brandaaaaaaaar...the Barbaaaaariaaaaannnnn

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