Friday, October 16, 2009


This past Wednesday, my whole family was supposed to get together and go hiking for the week and weekend, but we had to cancel :( because my dad ended up being on call. Sad day. I love love love to hike. My family used to go every single year. Dad would always find this awesome cabin and we would hike all day, every day. It was so much fun.

We'd give each other Indian hiking names. The only ones I can remember are the ones we gave to Mamaw and Papaw G. Papaw was Falling Rock. Driving up through the mountains, you always see "Watch for Falling Rocks" signs. And, one day on the trail, Papaw ATE IT. It was a slippery trail...lots of loose rocks. Hence, Falling Rock. Mamaw was Hen Wallow. One of the trails led to a waterfall called Hen Wallow Falls and we thought it was perfect for Mamaw...a hen wallowing in the woods. It just seemed funny at the time.

There was also the time when Noah and Peter had gotten some new hiking boots and pants and we were walking and Noah kept whining about his feet and legs hurting. Mom, and all of us, just think he's whining because it was a long hike and we kept telling him to chill out and keep walking. When we got back to the cabin, Noah was undressing for a shower (calm down, he was maybe 6) and Mom noticed his legs and feet were streaked with blood and blisters. The pants and shoes were so stiff from not being worn enough and they just mauled his legs...poor Noah. To this day, Mom apologizes for that. I say it built was good for him. He's stronger because of it.

Anwyays...since we didn't get to go hiking and since it feels GLORIOUS outside, David said we could go tomorrow. Yay!! So, he's taking me here...
Who knew that was 20 minutes from my house. Sigh....I don't think the leaves will be quite that pretty yet, though. But anyways. I'm soooooooooo excited! We're going to take some snacks and maybe pic-a-nic. I got a fabulous new backpack from Cara, that I adore.
Except, it looks nothing like that. It's more round and red and black. But this is all I could find online in 5 seconds.

I love the mountains ALMOST as much as I love the beach. And our new video camera and digital camera came in this week, so pictures! I will also film us petting a bear, because I'm pretty sure that will happen. (Just kidding...I saw that Grey's Anatomy episode.)

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  1. i am so sad too:(. the weather is going to be beautiful this weekend and i was looking forward to our hiking vacation. but, unfortunately, work trumps hiking when no one else will cover for dad:( i will have to settle for hiking memories. hey, too bad you have already named the girls because i just had to type in "lishica" for my word verification and that would have been a good name for one of the girls:) just a suggestion for next time around:)


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