Thursday, October 8, 2009

Completely Random

So, you know when it's late and you're tired and everything is funny. We were visiting Zack and Malinda last week and Malinda is one of the troop leaders for the Girl Scout group here and they had a retreat this weekend and the theme was jungle stuff. Wild stuff? Something about the jungle and being wild. Anyways. So, we (David) helped her inflate the animals and then set them on the back of the love seat as sentinels. I was hilarious to me. I found the picture this morning and well, it's still funny to me.

Also, is it okay that I push the babies around? Not like in a bossy sense, but in the sense that I can feel them bouncing around in there and I'll push them away and they'll come back up. They totally high-five me so I know they're cool with it and I figured since they're in there bashing each other anyway, a little love pat or two from me won't hurt them.


  1. Hmmm . . .

    Guess you had to be there.

    No, it's funny. I was just being lame.

  2. well..i was bouncing their heads this weekend. They liked it. They told me.


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