Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkings, Pumpqueens, and a Pumpprince

Saturday night, after the longest birthing class ever, we headed over to Tris, Eric and Reid's for some chicken BBQing and pumpkin carving. Ohhhh my goodness...the meal was delicious. So stinking good. I had to borrow a pair of Tris' lounge pants just to give me some extra stretch in the waistal area. (Tris, don't let me forget to get those back to you.) And little Shane joined us, too. Pooooor Shane...all alone without Brandi Pants. Don't worry, buddy, she'll be back this weekend.

After supper, Eric fired up the chiminea (on his first try!) and we grabbed our pumpkins and hacked away...in a non-murderish fashion. Awesomely enough, my real camera's batteries were dead, so I had to use my cell phone...so, sorry for the quality.

Tris' ghost gourd.

Shortly after this picture is when I cut my finger. Tris had to amputate to prevent the spread of pumpkiness to my unborn children...so they wouldn't become Pumpkin People.

After the knifing incident, I kind of became a sissy and Tris finished my pumpkin. The boys had already gone inside to watch some game.

David and Eric's Chiminea of Fury.

A happy pumpkin family. Mine and David's are on the left in the back...still in progress. We got a little too complicated with our faces and have yet to finish them. Then we have Tris/Eric's goofy pumpkin, oh so cute. In the front (L to R) is Shaddy...a dog pumpkin...a hybrid of Seumas and Addy (one of their dogs), Ghost Gourd, and Brandi the Pirate Pumpkin...complete with eye patch.

We have two small pumpkins for Piper Lee and Harper, but they're too small to carve, so they're just going to hang with Ma and Pa Pumpkin by the front door.

Yay for fall and pumpkin carving and BBQed chicken!

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  1. Fun stuff and pumpkin patch next year! YAY! :)
    Miss you guys and love you!


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