Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crab Plus Cake

Yesterday after work, I was taking a break on the couch, eating some fruit...Down Home with the Neely's was on. I don't normally watch it, but they seem pretty cute and seem to make real opposed to Ina Garten who makes impossible butter-infused, saffron encrusted everything. Even though I love her and her food looks great, it's not for the real American to make. It's for people who live in the Hamptons to make and who have their entire day free to cook.

Anyways. The female Neely was making a lobster "cocktail"...basically a delicious looking lobster salad that she put in one of those tall glasses with the rim around which you put sugar (that was very proper grammatically, you have to admit.) But, she put lemon juice and some type of seasoning around it and put the salad in that...hence, cocktail. It look amazing and I was just dying for some seafood. I haven't had much at all in the past several months and I just wanted some. So, sweet Davey Pooh ran to the store and got us the ingredients to make our favorite Ellie Krieger crab cakes.

Now, who doesn't like crab cakes...just the name alone suggests tastiness.


And this recipe is very healthy. And pretty inexpensive. You can replace the crab meat with imitation crab meat (white fish) and to be honest, unless you compared them side by side, you'd never know the difference. The majority of the mayonnaise in the tartar sauce is replaced with strained yogurt. And it's fabulous. Look how pretty.

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