Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby Shower!!

Miz Di and Mrs. Jeanie gave us a wonderful shower this weekend and it was just such a good time! Here's some picatures that dear sistah took for me.

This is the super cute centerpiece my mom put together for the shower. She can crochet like nobody's business and made the girls four adorable blankets for their room, including the one topping the diaper cake.

The dogs are because of that one time, when I was like 4, I said it would be fun to be a "dog for a day." And ohh ho ho ha ha, so funny, Ruth wants to be a dog. Ha ha...anwyays.

Look at what Miz Di ordered!

Outside decorations, oh so cute! And there were children's songs playing through an antique radio.

This is how we drink water...it's just faster and hey, you don't have to dirty a glass.

Since I used to love to play dress up, they got me some wings, fabulous hair and a scepter (I think the scepter is because I'm super bossy and the queen) to wear for the shower. I looked amazing.

So cute!

Mrs. Jeanie and Miz Di...two gals I've known my entire life. Mrs. Jeanie was my first grade teacher and my mom was pregnant with me when her and Miz Di became best friends.

Toy tree! And part of a game we played...which I failed miserably at.

Everyone wrote a prayer for the girls and put it in the box. It's Miz Di's box and it can't be opened unless you break it because the prayers are meant for God and not for us to read. Which really was such an ordeal for Mom and she pitched a fit about not being able to read the prayers. So, after the shower, she stole the box...Miz Di came for it before she could open it.

My corsage...where should we put it...

Mother and daughter...how can you tell?

I was so wasted by this point at the party.

Twin corsage makes good pillow.

Momma T and Laura Grace (whose straight hair looked fabulous! She has amazing naturally curly hair...well, her hair always looks good.)

This is me telling Sara to stop taking pictures of my chin. Ignore the wet spot on my belly...I got something on my shirt.

Aunt Becky and Statler & Waldorf sitting in the corner (Statler = Aunt Wylene...Waldorf = Mamaw A)

Scramble game...guess who won? Whoop whoop! That's right...I won.

Baby Bingo...very much customized with ridiculous things from our childhoods. It was awesome.


So many cute outfits!

Laura Grace got the girls these ADORABLE bathrobes. Ohhh, they make me smile so much. They're already hanging in their bathroom.

Mrs. Francis made Mom her own burp cloth. How sad that it just took me 3 times to spell burp...I started with birp...and then berp...and finally remembered burp. Gyah, my brain.

Piper Lee and Harper's own little outfits!

Miz Di crowning me with my wings.

Mamaw G got the girls their piggy banks and some moolah, which she was insistent I immediately put in their banks. I even took a picture of myself putting it in there so she'd believe me. David wanted to invest the money...I said, it's a piggy bank! Let it do what it's supposed to do. The pig will protect.

Mom and Dad T got us these fab travel beds for the girls. I love them!!

Some more cutie pie outfits.

Too bad they don't make adult sizes in these...kids really seem to like them.

Some presh clothes Mom and Dad got the girls.

I save tissue paper.

Bath stuff for the babies...I realized how baby stupid I am because I couldn't figure out some of this stuff. And someone said, "The girls will show you how to use it." Here's hoping.

The gals.


Also from Mamaw and Papaw G...since Piper's name comes from Mamaw's side and they're Irish, she got the girls some Irish beanie babies.

From Mom and Dad. This is Missouri Jane...where we got Harper Missouri's name from. She's my great-great-grandmother. Her mother was a Cherokee Indian. You can't see in this picture really well, but she was a woman you did not want to mess with. More on the girls' namesakes later.

Fun little play things!

BAAAAAAAAH, look at these shoes!

We had a banana split bar...oh, so delicious.

The rest of the gals.

Mom's golden feet...the twins have matching shoes. Not right now...just for when they come out later on.

Leigh and Mrs. Jeanie...no swine flu!

OOOOhhhh banana splitted goodness.

Don't mess with me whilst I'm eating.

Me and the Sistah

Aunt Johnny and Jena....Jena, what did you put in her banana split?

Mom and I pointing at each other's chests...for no reason at all...we like to live in the moment.

Bath time!

Mom and the diaper cake.

Loading up to head home!

Mom stole the prayer box, but later returned it unscathed.

Yay for family, friends and showers!


  1. How fun! I love that your mom stole the prayer box. Sounds like something I'd do! I can't wait to hear how you picked the girls' names.

  2. and a good time was had by all!! we are soooo blessed:)


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