Friday, October 30, 2009

Harpy Harllerween

I don't really think of Halloween as a me, it's more of a candyday. Growing up, we'd get dressed up and Mom and Dad would take us trick or treating to neighborhoods they knew were super safe or just to peoples' houses they knew would give us normal candy. Most of the time, we'd just go to church festivals and get all our candy there. The best candy comes from church festivals. I learned that pretty quickly. Old people will give you the orange and black wrapped's good for trading, but it's not as delectable as a mini Snickers bar.

The girliest costume I ever wore was a princess costume. Sara was a dragon that year. Kind of weird and funny now that I think about it. From then on, we were either cowboys, Indians, ninjas...that sort of thing. Oh, one year we were Peanuts characters.

I jump and scream when the babies kick me, so yeah, haunted houses or horror movies aren't great for me. I'm pretty much a lame-o when it comes to Halloween. But I love getting together with friends...just as we're doing tomorrow night over at Zack and Malinda's! Go check out her blog to see some of the fabulously amazing eats we'll be having. She always decorates so cute!

David and I are making a thirteen layer chocolate cake...complete with spider web on top. I'll try to remember to take pictures. Well, it WAS 13 layers...I think we're down to 11 now. But that's okay...I ate the other two layers' pieces, so rest assured they didn't go to waste. We're also making cheese biscuits (because that's something I can make) and chocolate covered caramel apples.

I got candy for the house...we usually have a ton of kids that come and see us from the neighborhood. The little ones come early in the evening and they are oh, so sweet.
"Trick or treat, please."
"Well, hello! And what are you? Are you a ninja turtle? Do you fight the bad guys?"
"Uhmmm...(turn around to mom and dad to make sure it's okay to answer)... Yes, ma'am."
"Well, that's great! Here you go!"
(Reach into the candy bowl and pull out one piece of candy)
"Oh...gosh, no, you gotta get more than that. Superheroes have to eat more candy."
(Smiiiiiile creeps onto the chubby cheeks...turns back around to mom and dad...scoots closer...grabs three more pieces and quickly shoves them into the bag)
"Thank you! Happy Halloweeee-----" (trails off as they scurry back to parental units)

They're very polite.

The older kids come later in the evening. Their costumes usually consist of their basketball jersey, a black sheet, or fake blood smeared on their neck...holding Wal-Mart bags. I'll answer the door and say, "Seriously? You expect me to give you candy when you look like that? No...negative. You have two can either do a Charlie Brown dance or you can reenact a scene from a movie." And guess what...they'll do it! Since it's the end of the night, I usually give them a ton of candy each just to get rid of the stuff, because I don't want it, and because they just did a verbatim reenactment of the boat scene in Princess Bride and it was perfection. "Anybody wanna peanut?"

Anyways. I hope you all have a fabulous and safe Harllerween. Remember, calories don't count tomorrow, so eat as much as you want. If you come to my house, I have pixie sticks. And if you're not dressed up, have a dance or monologue prepared, because you will have to perform. Dance, monkey, dance!

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  1. I love your play by play of trick or treating! I can't wait to see what the twins will be dressed up as next year! Any early ideas?


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