Monday, October 26, 2009

Marvelous Multiples

This past Saturday was our multiples birthing class. We opted to do the one all-day class as opposed to the four two-hour night classes. I'm glad we went ahead and did it that way, but I gotta say...longest. day. ever. It was very informative and fun, but you can't ask anybody (pregnant or not) to sit there and pay attention to something for that long. Maybe it's just me, though. I'm not a very good sit still and listen person. And Mrs. Teacher was kind of stingy on the breaks. I'm like..."Seriously...I will go right here, right now."

There were only three couples in our class, including us. It was nice that they had a birthing class for multiples...and the class next to us was the singletons birthing class...where there were 182 couples. (More like 12, really). BUT, we all had to share the same bathrooms...which meant I had to wait in line. And I realize boys have to go, too...but don't you dare wait in a bathroom line with people who are babied. You go find somewhere else. Thankfully, most of the guys were gents and let the gals go first. But anyways.

One of the ladies in there with us was 34 weeks along. The average gestation period for twins is 35-36, she was pretty much in labor. Also, she rubbed her belly the entire time. I don't know if it's a further along in pregnancy thing, but it wasn't like a, "I'm touching my twins" so much as it was a "I'm petting my stomach" type of thing. And it was soooo distracting. I'm have GOT to stop. Now, if the girls are moving around, I'll put my hand there because it's funny to me to feel them move...and I get itchy, so I have to scratch. But, I do not sit there and pet my gut. It's weird and makes people uncomfortable. She was also kind of an expert on everything. I'm thinking, you haven't actually had your babies yet, so how do you know it'll be like this or that. You can read all you want, but it's not the same as actually having a kid. Ah, well, she'll figure it out soon enough. I guess I was just annoyed with her because #1. I get annoyed at a lot of random stuff now and #2. she kept disrupting class with her opinions on EVERYTHING and it just meant I had to sit there longer. I was like, "That's great...uh huh...thanks for the turn around and shhhhhhhh." Anyways.

We really did enjoy the class...I learned a LOT...David learned a LOT more than he probably wanted to. We watched some videos. Not nearly as horrific as I thought they'd be. I was thinking, "Shoot...they show that on A Baby Story."

The most important things I learned that day...
1. Be prepared to change, on average, 20 diapers a day.
2. Get them on a schedule just as soon as you can.
3. You have to keep the babies...even if they cry and wake you up. You can't give them back.

So, this was a thing that had a little wire hook on the end of it...and they would attach it to the top of the baby's head, under the skin, before they were born, to provide a more accurate heartbeat read-out. I'm thinking...well, SURE it's more's attached to their brain. Poor baby.
David made me a swan. :)
Mmmm mmmmm...poppyseed and banana nut bread...snack time!
Thankfully, I won't have to experience Stage Two...seeing as how the stork is bringing mine.
Ah...the joys of two.
The teacher had little dummy babies with which to show us was on the table, one was on the floor. She dropped both at least twice. That was in the What Not To Do With Your Twins section.
David's favorite.


  1. Holy crap to the cervix picture!

  2. Amen on the petting belly awkward. I was never one of those petting ladies either. It's just strange.


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