Monday, October 19, 2009

Hiking with Friends, part 1.

So, this weekend was aweeeeessssooommmeee....slept late, went hiking Saturday afternoon, had a fabulous chili supper with Tris and Eric, cleaned the house, had a tapas dinner with gal pals, hung a mirror (you don't understand how much that's beenAdd Video bothering me)...and all the while it felt amazing outside. David got us some firewood yesterday and I cannot wait to put the fireplace to some good use. I'm kind of snuggled up cozy-like in my chair right now...with my microfleece pants, sweater, and fuzzy socks. Every year, I try to see how long we can make it without turning the heater on. I think I just might break my record this year. Every year I get more awesomer.

Saturday afternoon, we met up with Eric, Tris and Reid to go hiking. Despite the fact that it was quite chilly and shady and the trails were slightly muddy, we had a great time! I realized on the way that only two of the hikes have huge overlook points and those are the most strenuous hikes, so we enjoyed the nice glade and glen hikes. Here is our excursion in pic-a-tures...

Reid, what do you think about going hiking?
Hey guys, I'm not too worried about it. I say...put the camera down and let's go!
Oh, the horror! Why is Eric pushing his son into the white water-engulfed rapids of doom??
Did the young boy survive the dangerous crossing?
Yes...David pulls him to safety while Eric maintains the same pose throughout.
The trails were a tad muddy...thanks to the multitude of bikers and their stupid bikes.
Tris does her best to avoid the mud-filled chasms...all the while displaying her flexible talents from her circus days.
David took over pushing Mr. Reid.
Yay! Bellies at the North Trailhead.
Old, scary, rickety bridge...high-above a raging river...a most certain death awaits below.
My poor muddy.
Such gentlemen.
Hiking through a glen....and what was I doing?
Eating crackers, of course.
It's snack time!
Braaaaaaaaains....feeeeeed meeeeeeee......
David noticed this sign right beside the phone... says "Cell phones may not work in the campground. In case of an emergency, a pay phone is located in front of the campstore."
Thank you, Captain Obvious.
Snack time done! Mission accomplished.
Zombie baby is still hungry...rawwwwwwrrrrrrrrarrghghggggggg blanket delicious!
This is about how we all felt at the end of the day.


  1. so tell me again about seeing how long you can wait before you turn on your heater, little momma!

  2. AAAH! This is the cutest ever. Reidsters looks so cute in that little hat. It matches his perfectly chubby cheeks just right!


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