Monday, October 12, 2009


Oh, my poor hands. Dr. Mac said they might start swelling soon and develop arthritic symptoms, which will fade quickly after the birth of the girls. Well, yes...I have-a the swelling and-a the hurting. Usually only in the morning and they go back to normal during the day. It's very sad, though. They look like meat hands...whatever that means. Clown hands. Man hands. It's gross. And I'm so past being able to wear my wedding rings. Sad. I miss them. I can sorta wear my regular wedding band, but it's tiiiiiight. And my left hand doesn't like it. I drew a very accurate and incredibly detailed representation of what it looks like. Send the children out of the room...for you are about to behold MEAT HANDS!

It comes for you in the niiiiiight......


  1. was the unconnected hand of your childhood/youth a "meat" hand?

  2. You and Andy Blanks seem to have quite the knack for representing your life in cartoons.

  3. hey email me your mailing address so i can add you to my newsletter list. :D

    praying for you!


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