Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So...here are some pictures of our sonogram from last Friday...

Here's Baby Bermuda. Heshe is about 3 days younger than Charleston. Also, heshe is wearing sunglasses, which I think is fabulous. 

Here is Baby Charleston. Heshe is the oldest, but I think Bermuda will give himher a good fight once they get out.

Here are both of the shrimps in their pods of solace...it's really cute to me because they're facing each other. I'm pretty sure they're chatting it up. 

Oh, did I mention that it's twins? Like...two. Yeah. 

Believe you me, I only ordered one, so when I got the free promotional item extra baby, I was THRILLED. As was David. I nervously giggled a little more than David, but that's probably because I was laying on a table, etc. etc. And our doctor is a fun little trickstersneakysneakerson. He knew immediately there were two and while we're gawking over the heartbeat of Charleston, he's just going on and on about this is this and this is the head. Then, he asked, "Where else did you guys go on vacation?" I said, "Oh, just to Charleston for a few days and then to Bermuda." He smiled and said, "Oh okay. So, if this is Baby Charleston, then THIS one must be Baby Bermuda." I just laid there and smiled...........WHAT? THIS ONE WHAT? The nurse in the room with just HURLED her body over in between me and David so she could see the monitor. You would have sworn she was also having two babies. 

So...after we recovered from the initial shock, Doc proceeded to tell us all the fun stuff about twinsies. My questions, of course, were making no sense. My conversation skills had left me completely by then...not that I had many before. I asked what were the odds of that just happening? And he said it was pretty uncommon without the help of fertility drugs, but obviously possible...then he added, "Just a random occurrence. But as we know, nothing in God's universe is random." I love our doctor. Thankfully, I don't really have to change anything until a few months from now. And I can keep playing softball as long as I "don't slide or catch the ball with my belly button." And I don't do that anymore, so...woot! 

They're fraternal (Doc doesn't "like the term fraternal"...which is weird...but he calls them di-di twins. I'm assuming from the word dizygotic or whatever that word is...I dunno.)...so, could be two girls, two boys or one of each. It also means they may or may not look just alike. Obviously, they'll be different, but sometimes it is hard to tell even fraternal twins apart. Just to help ease everyone's mind...because I know you're all wondering this...I. Will. Not. Dress. Them. Alike. Period. 

I've already gotten a few suggestions for names from Shane. For girls, Tinker and Bell. For boys, Hamburgler and Grimace. I'm definitely considering them. 

Also, Doc says I won't even make it to my due date of January 28. More than likely, it'll be early to mid-January. But I've got my fingers crossed for 2009 TAX DEDUCTIONS, BABY!

We are begging for your prayers that these two munchkins grow strong and healthy. We are so blessed to have the most incredible friends and family and people who won't send me to jail when I drop off the childrens at their front door for a few hours when they're 3 years old and won't shut their traps. You guys are great...thank you!

OH, I almost forgot...look what else Doc found in there...STEEL DRUMS! I couldn't be prouder.


  1. Congrats!! I have a friend who carried her twins really close to her due date (which is unheard of) and they were 6 pounds each. She said she followed this strict diet of eating lots of protein.... I'll have to get the name of the book for you.
    how exciting!!

  2. I think this is one of the greatest things to ever happen in the history of the universe. Mazal Tov!

  3. I simply cannot believe you are having TWINS!!!!! Wow. You make the 4th friend of mine with twins. :) I am soooo excited for you guys!!!

  4. Me me me! When you drop them off a doorstep it can be mine!!

    We're obviously so deliriously excited for you guys and love you so much...all 6 of you...you, David, Baby C and Baby B, Seamus, and yes, even Blue.

    I'm trying to start thinking of clever baby shower things...

  5. the only thing i know to say is OMG! blue is about to have her little snotty world rocked!!
    love you little ruthie!


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