Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Bluesday Better Wear Shoes Today

That's from a Space Ghost song. 

Last night, I dreamed that I was an Olympic swimmer with Team USA. We were all at the opening ceremony. And we got to see the pool. And there was this new feature where all of the swimmers were shot out of this water cannon at the beginning of each race. I thought, this oughta be fun. And then I woke up and my dreams of being in the Olympics were shattered to pieces.  Curse you, REM cycle!!!

A couple in Boulder, CO are about to be evicted by their landlord because they keep gardening in the nude. They say their rights to free naked green thumbery is being harassed and they're threatening to sue. I wouldn't have a problem with it as long as they had a really really really tall privacy fence, but they don't. And it's two blocks away from an elementary school. I'm just thinking, I sure hope they don't have rose bushes. 

A lot of airlines are reducing the size of spoons and getting rid of inflight magazines to make planes lighter and save fuel. First, like the spoons were praise-worthy to begin with. And second, I'm pretty sure it's not the magazines that weigh the planes down. Just a guess here, but I think it's Mr. Food Coma in 18 B and C that had to purchase two seats to make room for his "carry-on luggage." Maybe give him the smaller spoons. 

New favorite guilty pleasure...Bridezillas. Are these women for real? Can someone really be that mean and oblivious to it? Are they really dark minions who escaped from the Phantom Zone and took human form only to marry unsuspecting earth bachelors? I don't know. I don't care. I love it.

My goal this summer is to paint and draw some more. I haven't painted in forever and I miss it. David has already picked out what he wants me to do for him...a pen and ink...of a MC 80a Mon Calamari Cruiser complete with a compliment of starfighters and escorts, a Nebulon B Frigate and a Corellian Gunship. You may have to google that...I did. I am "so" excited about doing that.....can't wait.  

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  1. I Sooooooooo want to start painting again. Being at the beach this weekend inspired me... I went to a couple of small galleries... admired the bajillion dollar paintings, and thought - I could really do that if I made the time. It is one of the things I really love to do - and NEVER do it b/c I am doing one of the things I really loathe to do. work.


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