Wednesday, June 3, 2009

When You're Bored...

When you're driving in the car for long distances, alone or with a buddy, you figure out ways to entertain yourself...a.k.a. stay awake. 

David wanted me to tell you, "Now you say something about how I didn't want to do it because it's ridiculous, but you made me!" 

(The real conversation went a little more like this..."Ruth, please please PLEEEAAASSSEEEE can we sing Broadway Lion King in the car?? And will you PLEAAAASSSEEEE film it so we'll have it for ever and eternity by which to remember that super fun moment?")

I hope this song is stuck in your head all day. 



  1. It's a miracle you guys make it anywhere alive.


  2. Mcnugs told me to tell you that you guys are crazy and he's ready to sing with you :)

  3. that's so freaking homeshcool

  4. that's why you almost failed your driving test!! neither one of you are paying enough attention to the road:)


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