Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So Stinking Hot

Summer is usually my favorite time of year...well, Summer and Spring. This year's a little different for me. I still love them both, but now, I feel like both seasons are demanding a little too much from me and I'm getting irritable about it. I hate the cold. Well, a month and a half ago I did. I am actually looking forward to Fall...OH UNKNOWN UNIVERSE! Yeah, it's pretty amazing that I would ever say that, but ever since these two squatters moved in, the heat has been left on 24/7 and they're gonna pay for the electricity bill, mind you, but it's just so darn hot. I don't even think we had a Spring...it went straight from Fake Winter to Summer at the Gates of Hades. 

But with the heat comes some great news...THE POOL IS OPEN! woot woot! Even though it's been swim-worthy weather since March, they won't open the pool until around Memorial Day, which is ridiculous. And which is also why I wrote the neighborhood association a letter about it. I'm PRETTY sure they hate me. That's okay...I don't like them either. (When we get our anonymous survey about the association each year, I make sure I put my name on it so they KNOW who is talking to them...let's see if I get a note in my mailbox about having a yellow water hose THIS years...ha). So anyways...the pool. 

It's a fairly big pool...which is nice...and if you go after 6:30, most of the kids are gone and all you're left with is creepy guy hanging out at the pool by himself, makey outey teenagers in the corner, and the pool closer person (who, if you smile at her and ask politely, will let you stay past closing time). I love to swim. Swimming's my favorite. It's the best form of exercise and it's just plain fun. So, last night, Zack and Malinda came over and swam with us. We played Categories, Marco Polo, Who Can Launch Who the Farthest, and some other stuff we made up. Yes, we are all 10 years old and we had a blast. We stayed until our fingers got pruney. And it sure beat just sitting and stewing in your own sweat. It was a good day. 

No pool tonight. Your Mom's Team dominates the fields at 7:30!

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