Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just to Clarify...

So, apparently, David's been getting all the credit for the twinsies. "Way to go, David!" "You da man!" And, that's fine...he DID have something to do with it. BUT...these suckers are fraternal, and that was MY doing. Well, God's doing, but you know what I mean. Fraternal happens on the girl's side. And my great-grandmother was a fraternal twin as well as one of my great-uncles, so...I guess there's a gene I didn't know about. Which is fine, because it made for a fun surprise. And Audry's suggestion for a "Real Men Make Twins" t-shirt for David is still gonna happen, because that's so darn cute. Anyways, I just wanted to clear that up because I'm hungry and it makes me say things. Okay, enough talk about babies. 

Your Mom's Team had a game last night and we were a little more than stupendous. It was a close game...23 - 4 was the final score, I believe. Yeah...when we're ahead that far, we back off a little and switch up positions. I played pitcher...JUST KIDDING, MOM. Geez, sit down. Last night was also the hottest it has ever been in the history of the world. It was like a damp blanket of heat was laid over the field. We all looked like we were in a sauna. It made for some interesting hairdos. 

If you don't watch Wipeout, you really really really really should. It's really the only time where it's appropriate to wet your pants laughing at someone falling and making a fool of themselves. It's a brilliant show. 

One of the kids down the road got a new engine for his scooter. It's a much more powerful engine than the scooter frame was made for, but neither he nor his parents seem to mind. He does wear a helmet, which is something. I'm waiting for him to break the sound barrier. I'm also waiting for him to careen down the hillside into the lake because he refuses to look forward whilst driving the thing. 

David and I attempted to make petit fours the other evening. David mixed the cake batter and flavoring and cut it into perfect squares. I mixed the icing...I don't know what it's's not fondant, but it's not know the stuff. We put the two together and voila! They looked awful. But let me tell you how they tasted...oooooooh...yeah, they were good. Really good. Presentation ain't everything, Food Network. 

Speaking of Food Network, I wanted a corn dog the other night and sweet David brought me this...I think we watch a little too much Food Network. 


  1. Again the talk turns to food. My estimate of 180 lbs. may be a little low.

  2. I craved corn dogs my entire pregnancy. With lots of mustard. Oh man oh man. Now I want one.

  3. oh my goodness! I need to find more time to catch up on my blogs! TWINS!??!?! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to read all about your journey! It truly is amazing.

  4. I was just telling Shane I wanted corn dogs the other day... mmmmmm.


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