Monday, June 29, 2009

What Not to Watch and New BFFs

Yesterday afternoon, I slept pretty much the whole time. Brother Noah came to visit over the weekend as well as our good friend Joseph and while the boys hung out, I just slept. And it was wonderful. I had had a pretty rough weekend...well, week...these kiddos are killing me. When they get here, I'm expecting foot and back rubs all day long. Don't worry, I'll give them a few years to develop their motor skills. Joseph headed home and Noah headed on back up to school and poor little David was stuck with Mrs. Boring. So, I sent him off to see a movie with Zack and Malinda. While he was away, I migrated to the couch and laid down there. I flipped on el TV and found the MTV show "16 and Pregnant." Wow. I'm gonna go ahead and tell you to show it to every teenager you know, but don't watch it yourself. Tell you what, don't watch any pregnancy-related show if you're babied...don't even watch the Animal Planet baby shows. I, unfortunately, did watch the whole episode. I have officially decided that the stork is bringing my kids right to the front door and I get to skip the whole pushing nonsense. That's just plain silly. (Blast you, Eve.) Also, the girl wanted her ENTIRE family in the delivery room with her. I'm talking dad, mom, brother, boyfriend, Uncle Gary and Great Aunt Sue. And they were all WATCHING watching. No way...absolutely no way. That's messed up. Of course my husband and maybe my mom, but that's it. But it doesn't matter anyway, because the stork is bringing them. But, alas, the young couple had a healthy baby girl and they named her Leah Leean. Yep. After that I switched between Bridezillas and Amazing Wedding Cakes. 

Aside from my living, breathing human friends...I have a few new best friends. 

Otter Pops - mmmmm, so cool and refreshing...and so many fun flavors.

Cool Ranch Doritos - they've kind of always been one of my best buds, but even more so now. 

Cocoa Puffs - who doesn't love them.

Crystal Light water flavorers - I have to stay "hydrated" because of the whole baby and general living thing and, although I have no problem with water, apparently the childrens do and the thought of water makes me gag, so sweet David got me some Crystal Light and it has been a life saver. 

Turkey sausage cream cheese breakfast pastries - We got the recipe from Billy and Beth and oh my stinking delicious. I don't have a picture of them because I eat them too fast to get one, so I just put a smiley face because that's how eating those makes me feel. 

Also, last week was not the week to be a celebrity...first Farrah Fawcett, then Michael Jackson, and now Billy Mays?? What the mess?!


  1. I'll also add a show for your not to watch while you're knocked up..."Freebirth" on the discovery health channel. I repeat, DO NOT WATCH THIS. It is wwwaaaayyyyy too graphic for a first time mommy, I had nightmares (and so did the husband!)

  2. Yeah I didn't like watching pregnancy shows while I was babied either. But what's even worse is the other day I decided I'd watch a C section on TV. MISTAKE!!! All I could think about was, 'I can't believe I let them do that to me!' Poor McNugs may never have a brother or sister!


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