Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thoughts for Today

We had a softball game last night. We did not win. :( But, that's okay, because we played hard. They just played harder...and hit two over-the-fence homeruns. The team we played was a dry wall company. They didn't smile once. We usually play churches and they always smile, but not these folks. It's their goal in life never to smile. 

I learned a lot last night...

- The more Cool Ranch Doritos I eat, the more awesome I feel. 

- It's really hot outside. 

- The short, heavy guy can REALLY hit the back up. 

- The tubbier/older the umpire, the more of a jerk he is. And the more I want to punch him.

- We have the best fans cheering for us. We really do. We appreciate you guys...and we appreciate Ben and Zack's nonsensical phrases because they confuse the other team...and probably makes them feel a little sorry for you guys. But hey, it works. 

- Sweating profusely and wiping my Dorito-encrusted hands over my face is not helping my pracne (pregnancy acne) situation. 

- It's really hot outside. 

So, all this Jon and Kate nonsense. What is up with that? On one hand, you have a husband who is treated like a kid and yelled at like he's 5. On the other hand, you have a wife whose husband is lazy and doesn't listen to anything and must be treated like one of the kids. Yeah, sure, she's bossy and controlling, but gosh, she has EIGHT KIDS. I'm bossy and I have a cat and dog and they don't even talk back. Did he cheat on her, did he not? Who knows? Did she cheat on him, did she not? What is up with her hair? Why did he get earrings (because they are REALLY not helping his image.) Did fame and fortune go to their heads? Probably. How long will it take before they become "those people we used to talk about a lot and used to have some reality show" and we can't even remember their names? The whole thing is just sad to me. I think it was a situation they both could have worked harder on. But what do I know. Dr. Ruth, signing out. (Note to self: If a TV network asks to film my life 24/7 and promises to make me super rich, give them cookies and send them on their way.)  I plan on becoming super rich on my completing my research and development on this new micro-processor that Cyberdyne commissioned me to create. We'll see how that goes. Anyways. 

The most refreshing drink of the summer is a bottled Sprite. Glass bottled drinks in general taste sooo much better, but a takes the prize. Try one today...available at your local grocer. Or any store that sells them. 


  1. john and kate oh jeez! Seriously what is up with her hair these days? I'm pondering all of the same questions you are..they're a mess!

  2. ps you need to post some belly pics :o)


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