Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well, Jamee wanted to see some belly pictures, so I thought I'd oblige. I've been taking them since week 4, but weeks 4, 5 and 6 look exactly the same, so I thought I'd start with week 6. 

6 weeks

7 weeks
Just kidding.

8 weeks
Don't be jealous of my awesome pants. Sistah made them for me for my high school graduation.

9 weeks (today)

Yes, I realize my tattoos will undergo some major transformations, but that's okay. 


  1. You are so skinny! You have twins in there, eat up! And please, eat some icecream for me right now b/c I'm too scared to eat it-it might upset the babe's stomach..

  2. Ruth, there's no difference in any of these pictures.

    Put your shirt on.

    (this may be the best verification word ever).

  3. I agree with Shane... there is no difference. But I do appreciate the shout out to those awesome pants I made about 8 years ago... I worked like a slave on those things and I'm so happy that they are still going strong. Hey, go ahead and start with the vitamin E aloe/lotion stuff.. you have to preserve the tatts.


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