Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Adventures with Zofran

Zofran came with me to the beach. I didn't want to take him because he packs so much for trips, but he insisted in case I needed him. So, along he came and he didn't take up too much room. We ended up having a great time together and I only needed him once. 

We ate at a nice seafood restaurant. I got crab-stuffed roasted chicken with rice and corn and Zofran got chicken fingers. Who goes to a nice seafood restaurant and gets chicken fingers (other than my sister)? Oh well. 

Since David couldn't be there, Zofran watched the sunset with me. It was beautiful.

We laid out for awhile and got some good sun.

Zofran wanted me to bury him in the sand and make him into a merman, but I reminded him, "Remember what lurks under the surface of our sugary white sands?" (He had a traumatic experience with sand crabs a few years ago...it was very difficult for him...doesn't like to talk about it.) So, when my feet got burned and I was done tanning, he got up on the bamboo mat and laid out some more.

At night, we curled up with Stephen Lawhead's Hood. I think that's going to be a good book. We're excited about finishing it. 

The waves got to be a little too much for Zofran, so we headed back up a little bit to build a drip castle. 

I wish I had a picture of our finished drip castle. It was fantastic. But alas, just as I predicted, Bratty McPunkerson – the 4-year old son of the family gathered next to us on the beach – decided our castle would look better if he wallowed all around in it, so he did...whilst his family was watching and laughing at how cute he was. I thought it'd be extra cute if he trotted on over to where I was sitting...and tripped into the sand pit I had thoughtfully dug for him. Just as a side note, folks...it's never cute to let your kid be a brat. Some people like their sand castles, so teach them at an early age that stepping on other people's sand castles will make people like me collect sand crabs and train them to wait in the dungeons of the castles for the unsuspecting feet of kids who step on aforementioned castles. I know kids will be kids, but don't encourage them to do it...because I, along with my army of sand crab minions, will be waiting.  


The beach was a lot of fun and I'm glad Zofran came with me!

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  1. that's not Zofran!!!!! It's GENERIC!!!! IMPOSTER. Someone lied to you, Ruth.


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