Monday, August 17, 2009

El Weekend

Friday night, we (Sara, David and I) drove south to the parents' house for a weekend of canoeing, shopping, and family-ing. Brother Noah heads back up to college this weekend and we thought it was a good time for us all to get together. Sara, David, Noah and my Dad (Peter had to work) all went canoeing with the youth group all day Saturday. It was too hot for me, although I wanted to go. I'm pretty amazing at outdoorsy stuff. I got letters every year in canoeing at summer camp. Yeah. So, Mom, Mamaw and I went shopping all day Saturday. I gotta say, that was more fun than canoeing would have been, I do believe. Saturday night, we played some board games. I'll go ahead and tell you, don't play Sara in a board game, she always wins. Or cheats. I haven't figured out which yet. 

Sunday after church, Dad suggested we head up to the hospital for lunch and to see if we could use the ultrasound machine to figure out if we could see if the babies had stuff or not. We were like, uhhh YES! Unfortunately, the technician had an emergency come in and they had to use the machine, but we still got to borrow the Doppler to hear the heartbeats again, which was fun fun. The babies have become more independent and one of them has swam over to the right. So, now my innards are symmetrical, which is nice, but it also means I feel them moving and sucker punching me on both sides. So, we still have to wait 2 weeks before we find out. Two weeks is an ETERNITY. I know that's a tad dramatic, but still. 

So, I've been asking around what people think the kiddos are. So far, it's about 50/50. My entire family on my Mom's side is insistent they are girls. All except my grandfather. He is ADAMANT they are boys. He's told me he's had several dreams about them being boys. My immediate family all says they're girls. The majority of our friends, minus about 2-3 says they're boys. I have no idea. I can't even guess. But, David is certain they're boys, so of course, I'm saying they're girls. We have an agreement. If they're girls, I get to hold the gun when we register and pick out all of the girly clothes. If they're boys, he gets to hold the gun and pick out all of the boy clothes. Seems fair to me. I want to put up one of those poll things to see what folks think, but I gotta find one that's not baby creepy. 

I realize this is the most boring post ever, but it was a busy weekend and well, I'm out of stuff for right now. I'll post the heartbeat video tomorrow. 

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  1. I keep imagining them as boys. I just can't imagine girls for you guys. But maybe my thoughts are skewed because I'm seeing them as the porno/six pack/football loving anti-Ruth and David.

    "Boys, would you like me to get you something at the grocery store?"

    "Boys, would you like to play the Wii?"


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