Monday, August 10, 2009

Why? (part 3)

We painted the dining room and new office space this weekend...and by "we" I mean Sara and David painted and I supervised from a safe and well-ventilated distance. I did don a mask later and helped touch up the trim. I must say, I am very very very happy with the colors and they did a fabulous job of painting. It looks sooooo much better. The floors and countertops are being measured today and then in two weekends, we'll paint the guest room and nursery and then DONE! (Except for the nursery, which we'll probably furnish in the fall sometime) Sigh...can't wait. Anyways. I haven't done a "Why" post in awhile, so I thought today was a good day for one. 

Why would you have such long fingernails when you work at the paint counter at Home Depot? That just seems like a lot of trouble. 

Why is Waffle House sooooo delicious? 

Why do the mushrooms in our neighbor's yard always make me think of Alice in Wonderland? 

Why are you so mean, old man at Target? Being rude and grumpy doesn't get you ahead in line any faster, so calm yourself down! 

Why are you spending WAY too long in the college furniture section trying to decide between espresso and oak when your daughter will be in her room maybe 3 hours a day and that side table will be covered by clothes and books within 5 minutes anyway? Pick a color and move along. Some of us have to get our carts through the aisle. 

Why does Giada deLaurentiis kind of get on my nerves and yet why can't I stop watching her show?

Why would I want you to stop me in the middle of the mall and start straightening my hair? #1. Don't touch me. Or my hair. #2. You can't just grab people and expect them to be okay with it. #3. Your product is dumb. #4. I will beat you with the straightening iron. 

Why would you spit your gum out in a public area...even grass? People walk there, you know. What, are you five? How about you be an adult and throw it away or hey, swallow it. That whole "takes 3 years to pass" is a lie. You'll pass it soon enough...painlessly. And it prevents you from getting a gum-covered shoe thrown at your head. 

Why am I so grouchy today? Ah, who cares. 

Why is the What to Expect pregnancy book so scary? I'm not reading that one anymore. I'm going to start reading Butterflies and Rainbows...because it's a happy book. 

Why am I so terrified of getting my kids home and mixing their names up? I mean, nobody but God will know, right? Ah,'s a fear. 

Why do girls have to shave their legs and not guys? Uh, not fair. 

Why do I really really really still want Waffle House? 


  1. i'm definitely with you on the men versus women shaving their legs. i've always thought it to be sexist plus it is just a pain to shave your legs. must have been thought up by a man for a woman to shave her legs.

  2. Boo, don't even bother with that crazy What to Expect book. It gets dismal towards the end. It's just not worth it. Talk to Dr. Mac, also, the BabyCenter emails are good. But I finally had to stop reading what to expect. It's like the authors got super depressed towards the end. tragic.

  3. Giada is dreamy. Don't be hater.

  4. Get me outta here and let's go to Waffle House.

  5. i don't know why you want waffle house, but now is the perfect time to go. i saw a sign on their yard the other day that says they have 14 meals for $5 or under!! how can you go wrong?

  6. Did you ever see the Full House where Jesse got his twins all mixed up 'cause he took their hats off? I have always thought the hat thing was kinda silly and they should have worn nametags 24/7 or gotten tattoos or somethink like that. Maybe you could get a supercool tattoo for each kiddo so you won't mix them up.


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