Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random Thoughts for Today

Why is Lost not coming back on until February? That's the dumbest thing ever. OR...the most brilliant thing ever because the twinsies will be here before then and I can watch my show with them! 

No, Richard Hatch, you didn't get put in jail because you're gay. I think it had something to do with you not paying your taxes. It's like, illegal or something. Think about it for next time. 

What's up with hurricane season just now starting? Does it always start this late? I don't think it does. Not that I'm complaining...

My mom has forbade me from buying anything baby-ish until after my showers. That's a tough thing to do. Especially when there's SO MANY cute things on What she doesn't know is that after our appointment on Monday, David's taking me shopping to get some baby stuff...just clothes, Mom...after we find out whether they're Phoebe's or Phoebo's. I can't stand it any more!!! Anyways. 

I've decided that a lot of the pregnancy "rules" are for the people who would abuse them anyway and I'm not one of those, so I ate some deli meat the other day and it was wonderful. I don't wear sunscreen every. single. time I walk outside. I drank hot chocolate last night. I play the banjo during the full moon (the FDA hasn't officially tested that one yet). 

I've updated my favorite movies list...Princess Bride, Braveheart, Drop Dead Fred, Jurassic Park, The Fall. Yeah, I'm not super deep when it comes to movies...but these make me happy. 

Night before last, I dreamed my sister was a cannibal. And she was slowly eating all of us while we slept, but we never knew it because she would sew us back up. Is that not the most morbid and disturbing thing ever? I told Sara about it yesterday...she laughed. I'm just saying...sleep with one eye open if she's in the house.  

Sometimes, I'll sing to the bebes...and I'm worried that the first thing they'll say when they come out is "Mom...shut...up...." 

I cut my bangs the other night and they look FABULOUS. And by "fabulous", I mean "they look okay." 

I would probably donate Seumas to a museum for freesies if someone would build a Chick-fil-A in town. All I want is a chicken breakfast biscuit. 

Okay people...have a good day...and use your blinkers. They save lives and save you from my wrath. 


  1. My top 5: Legally Blonde, Strangebrew, Troop Beverly Hills, Home Alone, Dan in Real Life. Screw artsy movies!

    I love you for eating deli meat and not feeling bad about it.

  2. You can eat deli meat without worry if you heat it up for a few seconds in the microwave first to kill and potential stuff that is "possibly" there.

  3. don't buy too many clothes!! and by the way, i am mad because your little poll on the sex of the babies won't let me vote more than once and since i am the grandmother i think i should be able to vote as many times as i want so that i can skew the results to my view. you forgot to add at least one of my three favorite movies. you know i don't watch many movies so you should have at least included one of mine. you should have put "big fat greek wedding" and/or "what about bob" and/or "throw mama off the train". all comedies because i like funny/happy movies.

  4. you left the part out where I told you MY dream about YOU.. where you were doing heroin and I kept begging you to stop... to think about the babies... but no, all you cared about was the HEROIN.


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