Monday, August 24, 2009


So...sorry I've been MIA for 47 years. Our internet went completely out Wednesday night due to some "network outage" in our area. By "internet outage," they mean "internet lie." We finally got it back up and running Saturday evening. Took a woman at our provider company to reestablish it for us. Finally, someone smart enough to get it working...turned out to be a woman. That's right. It's nice when you're on vacation and you have no connection to the outside world. Wonderful. But, it's not so wonderful when it's your livelihood and you really really really need the interwebs. Thankfully, my super sweet client is incredible and was totally understanding about it. I love you guys. Anyways. I'm back up and running now. 

Noah came to visit us this weekend before heading back up to school. Starting Friday about 5pm, David, Noah and I cleaned out the guest room and nursery and prepared both for a weekend o' painting. We headed to Lowe's and got the rest of the paint and supplies...which took for.e.ver but we got some good stuff, so it was worth it. Then, starting Saturday morning about 9am, we painted until 10 that night...stopping to eat and maybe watch the occasional Wipeout rerun. Sara and buddy Jeremy came over and helped us paint all day Saturday and I love them both for it. Sunday morning (yes, we skipped church), we got up again (barely) and painted, sawed, sanded, painted, nailed, painted, vacuumed, painted and painted and about 1opm last night...we finished. And it was good. Don't worry, all you ├╝ber-moms, I wore a mask and the rooms were well-ventilated and Dr. Mac said I could paint, so I painted. 
I will never paint again. I don't think we will ever move out of this house. Too much blood, sweat and tears has gone into these hallowed halls...rooms...whatever. We only have like one hall. I am soooo happy someone else is installing the floors. I could not be happier with the rooms. But, thank goodness it's all done. Now, all I have left is the fun part...decorating. And how great was the weather this weekend...soooooo stinking nice. 

The best part is, when my internet was out, I got a head start on cleaning out the two rooms and organizing. I went through this little chest/stool my dad made me when I was a little girl (which will be in the nursery for the kiddos) and I found the most incredible stuff from the 80's/early 90's. Woo hoo! Shades and perm pick...what every gal needs. 
Troll dolls! EEEEEcccck...creep-o. I totally forgot I had these. 
Look at their eyes. It's like they're staring into my soul. I was going to throw them away, but I decided to keep them...might need them for Halloween one year. soon as I finish the rooms, I'll post pictures. 

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