Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is it just me...

...or do you freak out and think you're color blind when you're at a red light and it turns green, but the car beside you doesn't start moving along with you. So, you pause for a second and stare hard at the light to make sure it's green and yes, it's green, but the other car still isn't moving and you don't want to be the idiot that goes on a red light. You start wondering, am I just seeing green? Then, you look over and realize that the other driver is a 16-year old texter not paying attention and you smirk their way and drive on through...feeling good about the fact that there are 16-year olds out there texting at red lights, making you question your color judgment. 

...or do you eat WAY too may tortilla chips at a Mexican restaurant before they bring your real food and by the time it gets there, you're so full, you eat maybe 2 bites and then ask for a to-go box and the waiter looks at you like "Really? That's all you're eating?" And it makes you feel wasteful. And you want to say, "It's cuz of your tortilla chips!" Those chips are devious...and wonderful. 

...or should weather.com be changed to lie.com...run by a colony of liars? 

...or does the new G.I. Joe movie look absolutely ridiculous? (I know every guy in America just heard me say that...I'm sure it reverberated through their souls.) Well, it does. I'm sorry. It should be called G.I. Lame. That's not what the real G.I. Joes looked like. Believe me, I know. My brothers' G.I. Joes recruited mine and Sara's Barbies for many missions in the back yard...and used their Convertible as the enemy tank.

...or is the new cop in town pretty cute? He's no Davey Pooh, but he's not an ugo either. I'm going to call him Officer McCutie. 

...or do you just love school supplies? I'm not even going to school or have kids going to school, but I want to go fill up a backpack with pencils and erasers and markers and tape and scissors. That was one of my favorite things about going to school...even in college. I love school supplies. This time of year always makes me happy. Also because the kids are gone and not riding their bikes down my hill. 

...or are the people at Publix the nicest people on Earth? Their produce is excellent and the people are friendly...why would you shop anywhere else? 

...or should Cadbury Eggs (the cream ones) be available all year long? Why are they not? It's really unfair. I'm going to write them a letter. 

...or is the Fall taking forever to get here? 

...or are you bewildered as to why they built a Taco Bell in town instead of something like, I dunno, a Chick-fil-A? Do people even eat at Taco Bells anymore? That's just me being snobby. I've never liked Taco Bell and I'm upset they didn't built something more...good. 

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