Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mono and Di

On Monday, I had my 14-week check-up at the doctor's. We got to hear the heartbeats for the first time...THAT was a lot of fun. Nurse Lady loaded mah belly up with that jelly stuff and fished away. She found the first one super fast and it was loud. I thought it was my heartbeat. Then, she fished away for the other one and couldn't find it for a second. I got a little nervous, said a prayer and then Nurse Lady goes, "Ohh, there he is. He was hiding behind the other one. Ha ha. That's sweet." And I'm like, "Yeah, sweet." And then I inner-monologued scolded the kids, "I told you not to hide from your mother. You come when I call, understand?" So, they're both hanging out on my left side, which is weird. AND, it confirms that I have, in fact, been feeling them move for a little while now. Always on my left side, down low, and that's right where she found the heartbeats. So, boo-yah in your face, websites that said I couldn't feel them until I was about 18 weeks. Nurse Lady said they were moving around a lot and I made sure they weren't going to grow into some abnormal lump just on my left side and she assured me they would "spread out" once they got bigger and because I sleep on my left side the most, they settle down there, so whatever. 

I wish I could have heard them for longer, but Nurse Lady was like, "okay, they're both doing really good" and she headed out. Dr. Mac came in and said that I was doing great and the babies had good growth and he was proud that I had gained 2 pounds (7 pounds total!). He proceeded to tell me that all of my bloodwork (from when Dracul-Nurse drained half my blood the last time) came back excellent and that I didn't have hepatitis (that's good), syphilis (that's good, too), and that my German measles shot I had when I was 5 is still working (I was worried about that...those measles, man, I'm telling you). He then mentioned that since David and I both have negative blood-types that I won't have to have the Rh shot. And I said, "See, two negatives make a positive." But, nobody got it. I thought it was least in my head.  

ANYWAYS. Before the heartbeats and the blood talk, we met with Nurse Lady to update my charts and progress. She was going through my file on the computer and my name came up and under that was "Twins" and "Due Date" with the information filled in. But beside "Twins" it just said "Mono/Di." Nurse Lady stopped and kind of looked confused for a second and then looked at us and said..."Is that what y'all are naming them...Mono and Di?" Then I looked confused like..."Seriously?" And then realized what was going on and said, "No no no, that's the type of twins they are. Mono/Di. We don't know if they're boys or girls yet." And she sat back with the BIGGEST sigh of relief and said, "Ooooooooooooooooh, HONEY...I was about to SAY. I was thinking, 'Di is a good name, but MONO??' I thought y'all was crazy folks or something...naming your kid Mono. Whew...that's a relief." So, we laughed about Mono and Di...the twins. It's easier to say than Charleston and Bermuda, for sure. But, we already have names picked out. Now we just got to find out if they've got the stuff or not. 

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