Monday, August 3, 2009

Gals, Le Beach, and Guys In Red Speedos

Wednesday night, I drive South to my parents' house and then on to the beach in the morning to meet up with David's mom (Mom2) and sisters (LauraGrace and Rebecca...I call them Gray and Bex in my head cuz it's rock star) for an all-gal's beach retreat. It was sooo much fun. My shoulders and the tops of my feet are saying ouch right now, but I don't listen to them. I listen to the call of the sun. This was the first time in about 2 months that I didn't feel nauseated at least part of the day. I think it was a mixture of the fact that I'M FINALLY GETTING OVER IT and the amazing perfectness of the beach. The beach heals everything. 

So, here's some pictures. Y'all know I like to take pictures of waves and feet, so...there are some of those. And it was getting dark and I hate flashes, so these are kind of grainy. 

This is Umbry...our umbrella. He provided us with some good shade. 
This is Mom2 (on the right) and LG (on the left). And Rebecca in the hat. 
Our little beach station. 
Bex taking some pictures.
Me, the twins, LauraGrace, Rebecca and Mom2 built a fabulous drip castle. 
Ignore the chub. It was an all-girls vacation and I can wear whatever I want.
Shelling. We found some really good ones. 
We were shelling and we look up and see this oddity. Were they European, were they on a swim team, were they just ridiculous? I'm going to go with D. All of the above. I think I have a closer (stalker) picture...let me see...
Yes. Yes, I do.
Ahhh...le beach....
Ahhh...le beach on my feets...


  1. so now it is your umbrella...for some reason that looks like MY umbrella!! and my umbrella already has a don't go changing its name!!!

  2. Umm I for one love the chub! You are such a cute preggo! Love you


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